Queen Elizabeth, the yellow of the testament: Harry risks not receiving a cent of the inheritance

Queen Elizabeth, the yellow of the testament: Harry risks not receiving a cent of the inheritance

Harry may not receive any of his grandmother’s rich inheritance, Queen Elizabeth allegedly changed the will last August

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Harry risks being excluded from the will of the Queen Elizabeth. According to some press rumors, rebounded a few hours after the death of Elizabeth II, the grandson of the Queen seriously risks not receiving even a cent of her grandmother’s personal wealth. The decision would have been made by Elizabeth II after the intemperance of his nephew, who together with his wife Meghan resigned as a “senior member” of the royal family.

Queen Elizabeth’s legacy is worth $ 447 million

Based on an estimate of Forbes, the British monarchy is worth something like 88 billion dollars. Queen Elizabeth owned a portion of this fortune, approximately $ 447 million, which should go to her family.

The personal fortune of the newly deceased Queen amounted to $ 85 million, received by the Queen Mother, plus 12 million from her husband Filippo. In addition, the famous 300 jewels are also part of the Queen’s heritage.

Testament of the Queen, Harry faces exclusion

The British tabloids are certain that Harry “the rebel” has been excluded from the will of the Queen. The last photos of Carlo and Diana’s second child would demonstrate this: dark-faced and alone, he was the last to arrive at Balmoral (after the announcement had already been made) and the first to leave. The modification of the will dates back to last August. According to the Star and International Business, Elisabetta also excluded Lilibeth Diana and Archie from her will, her great-grandchildren and children of Harry and Meghan.

The Queen’s decision on the will after Harry and Meghan’s intemperance

Two years ago Prince Harry and Meghan had sensationally decided to abandon the role of “senior members” of the royal family. The couple has also taken on other behaviors over the months that the British royal family did not like.

The most sensational episode was certainly the interview given to Oprah Winfrey in which, among other things, the royal family had been covertly accused of racism towards Meghan Markle.

The yellow of the Queen's will, Harry excluded from everything?Photo source: ANSA

The first pages of the tabloids after Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey

Testament of the Queen, Harry can still count on other inheritances

However, even if he were excluded from Queen Elizabeth’s will, Harry would not be broke. In 1997, on the death of his mother Diana, received half of the latter’s assets. Furthermore, in 2002, the Queen Mother had left a large part of her assets (27 million dollars in total) to Harry, precisely with the aim of guaranteeing him economic stability even as a second in line of succession.

The Queen’s jewels would go to Kate and Charlotte

According to the usual tabloids, Queen Elizabeth’s jewels will go to Prince William’s wife, Kate Middletonand great-granddaughter Charlotte.

Harry, as reported by his spokesperson, will remain in the UK during the mourning period (the Queen’s funeral is scheduled for Monday 19 September) but it is not yet clear if Meghan will take part in the solemn funeral.


Photo source: ANSA

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