Verona Juve Primavera 1-1: bianconeri stopped on par

Verona Juve Primavera 1-1: bianconeri stopped on par

Juve Primavera is a guest of Verona on the fifth day of the championship: summary, slow motion, scoreboard, result and live news

There Juve Primavera fails to give continuity to the three consecutive victories in the league and to get up again immediately after the KO in the Youth League with the Psg. The bianconeri are equal in the home of the Veronabut remain at the top of the rankings.

Verona Juve Primavera 1-1 LIVE: summary and slow motion

1 ′ Kick-off – The match started.

6 ′ Juve close to the advantage! – Dangerous cross shot by Hasa, ball that flies slightly high over the crossbar.

13 ′ Mancini tries! – Diagonal that goes off a little to the side, with Galante who does not manage to divert it.

21 ‘Verona is shown – Right from distance by Florio on which Daffara stretches out, but the Juventus goalkeeper does not need to touch because the attempt goes to the bottom.

23 ′ Still Gialloblù forward – Joselito creates havoc in the area, Citi providential in deflecting the shot for a corner.

25 ‘Cooling break – Halfway through the first half, the first break due to the heat. Bianconeri more lively at the beginning of the match, but minute by minute the hosts took control.

27 ‘Hasa sounds the charge – The Juventus winger does everything by himself and kicks from the edge of the area, Boseggia glues the ball between his gloves and avoids the worst.

28 ‘Ebengue warned – A few words too many after a foul on Hasa.

38 ‘Punishment by Bragantini – Shot from the edge, ball deflected by the barrier that goes out on the bottom.

43 ‘Strijdonck becomes dangerous – Nice cross by the young striker from inside the area, Galante anticipated by a whisker in the corner.

45 ‘Recovery reported – Two minutes to the end of the first half.

45 ‘+ 2 – The first half ends.

45 ‘We start again – The second half begins.

48 ′ First blaze of Verona – Joselito tries again with a right inside the area which, however, does not involve Daffara that much.

51 ′ Blaze of Hasa – Throw of Doratiotto that frees the attacker. Number 10 flies to the area, but then shoots badly over the crossbar.

54 ′ First changes in Hellas – Outside Sulemana and Ebengue, inside Riahi and El Wafi.

54 ′ Change in Juve – Mbangula takes over Strijdonck.

58 ‘PENALTY FOR VERONA! – Mess of Daffara who loses the ball to the limit, then is forced to make up for it with a foul. Only yellow for him.

59 ‘Goal of Verona – Bragantini cold from eleven meters, Daffara does not arrive on the well angled shot.

61 ′ Chance for the Gialloblù – Dangerous cross from the right, Cazzadori misses the impact with the ball by a whisker.

64 ‘Bragantini calls again – Left to turn by the author of the 1-0, prompt response from Daffara in the corner.

67 ′ Doubling at Verona canceled – Free kick from Florio that goes directly into the goal, but Daffara had been disturbed by an irregular position of an opponent.

68 ′ Double change in Juve – The two Turco enter the field, outside Domanico and Mancini.

73 ′ Another change in Verona – Enter Cisse, outside Cazzadori.

74 ′ DRAW THE JUVE! – Brilliant action by Galante who, with great leg strength, struggles on the left finding the touch that finds the unfortunate deviation of El Wafi.

79 ‘Last changes for Montero – Outside Galante and inside Yildiz, outside Nonge and inside Lipari.

81 ′ Ripani close to scoring! – Great blow from the edge of the midfielder, the Verona goalkeeper ready to deviate. On the retorted Hasa is not very precise and puts out.

83 ′ Punishment of Verona – Right around Florio, Daffara blocks without problems.

85 ′ Last changes in the yellow and blue – Outside Bragantini and Camara, within Patané and Matyjewicz.

89 ′ We start towards the end – The indication of recovery is awaited.

90 ‘Recovery reported – Six minutes to go.

90 ‘+ 2’ Open race – Descended on either side of the two attacks, but both teams miss the knockout blow.

90 ‘+ 5’ Last yellow and blue danger – Punishment from the right, Calabrese’s head appears but puts it high.

90 ‘+ 6’ Ends here – The match ends 1-1.

Best of the match Juve: REPORT CARDS


Verona Juve Primavera 1-1: result and match report

Markers: 59 ‘Bragantini, 74’ aut. El Wafi

VERONA: Boseggia; Signorini, Sulemana (54 ′ Riahi), Calabrese, Florio, Bernardi, Camara (85 ′ Matyjewicz), Joselito, Cazzadori (73 ′ Cisse), Ebengue (54 ′ El Wafi), Bragantini (85 ′ Patanè). Annex Bocchetti. Available: Ravasio, Toniolo, Piantedosi, Schirone, Larsen, Scalco, Zejnullahu, Agbonifo.

JUVE SPRING (4-2-3-1): Daffara; Domanico (68 ′ S.Turco), Dellavalle, Citi, Moruzzi; Doratiotto, Nonge (79 ‘Ripani); Hasa, Strijdonck (54 ′ Mbangula), Galante (79 ′ Yildiz); Mancini (68 ‘N.Turco). Annex Montero. Available: Scaglia, Vinarcik, Valdesi, Rouhi, Huijsen, Anghele, Pisapia, Morelo, Maressa.

Referee: Leonardo Mastrodomenico (Matera).

Ammonites: 28 ‘Ebengue, 58’ Daffara

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