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Supermarkets, the new terrible scam: you run out of money while you take the receipt

The new credit card emptying scam happens right in supermarkets and you have to be very careful. Everything happens in a few moments, while you pay for the shopping.

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You are experiencing a very difficult and strange period, where everything increases visibly and where you no longer have control of anything. Technology should help and facilitate the various operations, but there are tools specifically introduced to avoid paying with cash in order to implement a real fight against tax evasion.

supermarket scam scam

Supermarkets sell i foodstuffs adjusting prices to the current crisis, for this reason the Italians are trying to implement every possible way to save. But even in a seemingly quiet place, pitfalls lurk and the new scam is a clear example of this.

Expensive prices, supermarkets and rising shopping costs

As anticipated, the current moment is almost impossible to describe. Following the Covid pandemic and after the clash with Ukraine, the domino effect that was created has caused prices to skyrocket.

In fact, there are not only gas and electricity bills to undergo important increases, but also the high cost is not indifferent. There shopping at the supermarket is a real luxury, so much so that families try not to buy extra products but only what is necessary for their own survival. Inflation and the lack of raw materials make food expensive and prohibitive.

Expensive expense

Not only that, even the most attentive people can fall into the traps studied by the supermarket – some of them highly intelligent. What does it mean? In some cases there are strategies that make Italians spend a lot, up to completely emptying the account, albeit in an almost completely unconscious way.

Supermarket scam, what’s going on?

Each distribution chain implements strategies aimed at saving, which in reality conceal – although not always – combined scams. In this specific case, we are talking about psychological tricks that accompany the consumer to spend up to 30% more.

There is a way to actually defend yourself, in fact, it is good to leave the house with the shopping list, marking the must-have products for the home and the family. This means entering the supermarket and looking at nothing but the products on the list that are missing in the house. Without the list you risk buying completely useless goods.

In addition, supermarkets today offer food packs with a packaging important and little quantity inside. It is therefore good to observe the price per kilo and realize how much product there really is inside.

But the made serious it is still another: many speak of one scam that roams the web, specifically designed to play with the need for savings and then implement an account clearer that should not be underestimated. There are real scammers who sell themselves as well-known supermarket companies, offering very rich shopping vouchers.

Scam via the web
Scam via

To obtain them, the user is invited to answer a survey quick and easy. Considering that now everything is done on the web, Italians respond to the survey: at the end, a contribution is requested for the shipping of the voucher directly to home, so much so that it seems a more than normal and correct request.

Doing this payment by credit card, the scammers will be able to have direct access and take the amount they want. For this reason it is advisable not to answer any survey and, in case of doubt, to ask directly at the supermarket. In any case, never release your credit card details online especially on non-certified and secure sites.

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