LIVE Italy-Spain 6-7, European waterpolo 2022 LIVE: fourth final place for Settebello

LIVE Italy-Spain 6-7, European waterpolo 2022 LIVE: fourth final place for Settebello


19.10 Thanks for following us and see you at the next live.

19.09 In front of about 2000 spectators. The numerical superiorities were Spain 7/13, Italy 2/9 + 1 penalty. Double for Damonte, a goal for Di Fulvio, Cinnamon, Bruni and Dolce.

19.07 For the ninth time in history, Settebello ends in fourth place in this competition. A hard-fought game that was eventually lost after a third quarter that can be reviewed. Spain takes the bronze medal.

The game ends, Italy-Spain 6-7. Final fourth place for the Settebello.

0.30 Shot out by Di Fulvio.

1.27 Expulsion for Bruni and Cabanas.

2.03 Del Lungo keeps Settebello upright.

3.19 Perrone’s goal, just returned from expulsion, Italy-Spain 6-7.

3.40 Spain Stake.

4.46 Shooting out of Presciutti.

6.06 Goooooooooooooool, Bruni, goal that is worth the draw, Italy-Spain 6-6.

6.28 Double save by Del Lungo.

7.09 Gooooooooool, Di Fulvio, on penalty, Italy-Spain 5-6.

7.10 Penalty for Italy.

7.55 ′ The last quarter begins, Spain wins the sprint.

The third quarter ends, Italy-Spain 4-6.

0.34 Presciutti lob out.

1.00 Shoot out of Larumbe.

2.04 Sanahuja goal, impregnable missile, Italy-Spain 4-6.

3.08 Gooooooooooooooool, Damonte, finally on the net, Italy-Spain 4-5.

3.21 Damonte touches the net.

4.00 Shot by Spain that ends up on the bottom.

5.05 Granados Network, outnumbered, Italy-Spain 3-5.

5.21 Aguirre saves on Di Fulvio.

5.47 Larumbe network, Iberian advantage, Italy-Spain 3-4.

5.51 Del Lungo still parries on Granados.

6.26 Di Fulvio’s internal pole.

7.02 Extraordinary save by Del Lungo on Munarriz.

7.30 Cinnamon shot blocked.

7.55 The third quarter begins, Italy wins the sprint.

The second quarter ends, Italy-Spain 3-3.

0.48 Gooooooooooooooool, Cinnamon, stone that goes out at the intersection, Italy-Spain 3-3.

2.01 Shooting on the bottom of Presciutti.

2.27 Barroso Stake.

2.58 Cross of Iocchi Scratch.

3.49 Cinnamon shot blocked by defense.

4.41 Gooooooooooooool, Damonte, spectacular lob, Italy-Spain 2-3.

5.00 Many mistakes in this game.

6.36 Damonte’s high ball.

7.30 Crossing by Di Fulvio.

7.55 The second quarter begins, Italy wins the sprint.

The first quarter ends, Italy-Spain 1-3.

0.18 Spain network with Barroso, Italy-Spain 1-3.

0.51 Wrong conclusion of Presciutti.

1.34 Parade of Aguirre on Di Fulvio.

2.50 High Pass of Fondelli.

3.32 Bustos scores, under measure, Italy-Spain 1-2.

4.43 Del Lungo saves on Barroso.

5.49 Tahull sends out.

6.14 Goooooooooooool, Dolce, on penalty, Italy-Spain 1-1.

6.31 Famera network, just a few steps away, Italy-Spain 0-1.

7.05 Del Lungo blocks an attempt by Granados.

7.55 The first quarter begins, sprint won by Italy.

17.55 National anthems in progress.

17.50 Instead Spain was defeated in the semifinals by Hungary.

17.45 Spain: 1 Aguirre 2 Munarriz 3 Granados 4 Sanahuja 5 De Toro Dominguez 6 Larumbe 7 Famera 8 Cabanas 9 Tahull 10 Perrone 11 Barroso 12 Bustos 13 Lorrio

17.40 Italy looks like this: 1 Del Lungo 2 F. Di Fulvio 3 Damonte 4 Iocchi Scratch 5 A. Fondelli 6 Cinnamon 7 Renzuto 9 N. Presciutti 10 Bruni L. 11 Alesiani 12 Sweet 13 Nicosia

17.35 Italy reaches the challenge after the defeat with controversy over the penalty against Croatia in the semifinals.

17.30 Good evening and welcome to the challenge for the bronze medal between Italy and Spain in men’s water polo.

Good evening and welcome to LIVE LIVE text of Italy-Spain waterpolo, European 2022, Settebello is played for the bronze.

The Settebello presents himself to the challenge for the bronze against Spain, after both national teams have challenged each other in the World Cup for the gold medal then won by the Iberians. Italy will then console itself with the victory of the World League. Italy comes from the match lost in the semifinals against Croatia, through the most generous penalty ever given, or rather, perhaps it was also a foul in favor of the Azzurri. Spain which, on the other hand, is clearly overtaken by Hungary in the semifinals.

Event: Italy-Spain water polo, European Championships 2022.
Date: 09/10/2022
Hours: 18.00
TV Channel and Streaming: Raiplay and Rai Sport HD.

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