Prince Harry, "not even a phone call": bomb-Caprarica on the Queen's death

Prince Harry, “not even a phone call”: bomb-Caprarica on the Queen’s death

Daniela Mastromattei

Is the King ready for the throne?
“Carlo has been preparing for 74 years to be King. And he was waiting. It is the duty of a crown prince to await the death of his father or mother. But Carlo is seriously saddened, he was tied to his mother by a deep affection, despite the misunderstandings due above all to the speculation of the press which occasionally hypothesized the abdication of Her Majesty Elizabeth II ».

But it will be up to replacing it …
«He is very intelligent and cultured, he will be the first heir to the throne to graduate from Cambridge. Even if his character has always been a bit Hamletic and grumpy, he has all the credentials both from an institutional and a public point of view ».

He is convinced of it Antonio Caprarica, expert of the English royal family who has always described the Prince of Wales as «shy and reserved, but also determined and determined in carrying on his ecological battles, good at having invented a job by setting up an important philanthropic activity. A modern man who looks to the future ».

And will he also be loved by the people?
«No one doubts that he will be an excellent heir to the throne, but who knows if he will also be loved by all … He carries two stains: having let Diana escape and adultery with Camilla. The public image of him was ruined. He worked hard to recover. And he succeeded ».

The people’s princess has left her mark …
«To those who asked her what queen she would be. She replied: the queen of hearts. Beloved and always at the top of all polls. Elizabeth II for years a cold and distant figure from the people, after Diana’s death she understood that she had to come down a little from her pedestal ».

The new ruler of the United Kingdom will be known by the name of King Charles III, on what occasions could he abdicate in favor of his son William?
“He never will. However, his intelligence will lead him to understand, if the conditions were to be created, when to take a step back, given that England is a young country and could demand a young sovereign, like William, son of the much loved Diana. Let’s not forget that it was the British who forced the Queen to bow her head in front of Diana’s coffin. Here it is not excluded that something similar could happen: the strong powers could ask the King to abdicate in favor of the firstborn to guarantee the survival of the monarchy, telling him: you took a ride on the merry-go-round, but now it’s time to descend, the throne is strongly at risk … ».

Prince William is also a waiting King …
“That’s exactly how it is. Ironically or for a brilliant intuition this morning (yesterday morning ed) the photo of William and Kate who accompanied the children to school was on the Instagram profile of the Royal Family. As if to say, we continue our normal life ».

What monarchy will it be now?
«A monarchy that provides for multi-ethnicity. Among other things, the new British government also wants it, which has placed immigrants for Foreign Affairs, the Interior and the Treasury. Carlo has already explained that he will be the guarantor of the freedom of religious sentiments and of all religions ”.

And where will he live?
“Certainly not at Buckingham Palace, which will be almost entirely open to the public, perhaps it will reserve a wing for itself and for official ceremonies. A strong signal against waste: goodbye to the 900 rooms, which are difficult to maintain among other things. Windsor instead will be his residence ».

And will relations change with Harry?
“Absolutely not, Harry uses his noble origins to mind his own business, he doesn’t care about having good relationships with his family. William, who will now be the Prince of Wales, learned of his arrival in London from the newspapers in recent days, he has not even received a phone call from his brother ». Carlo will be given a new stick, symbol of legal authority. The announcement with the classic formula was made: “The Queen is dead, long live the King”.

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