LIVE Shooting, European Championships 2022 LIVE: Bacosi and Cassandro stop at silver.  Gold for Great Britain by Hill and Llewellin, bronzes for the Czech Republic and Sweden

LIVE Shooting, European Championships 2022 LIVE: Bacosi and Cassandro stop at silver. Gold for Great Britain by Hill and Llewellin, bronzes for the Czech Republic and Sweden


Thank you for staying with us throughout this LIVE LIVE! Good continuation with OA Sport.

1. Great Britain (Amber Hill / Ben Llewellin)
2. Italy (Diana Bacosi / Tammaro Cassandro)
3. Sweden (Victoria Larsson / Stefan Nillson)
3. Czech Republic (Barbora Sumova / Jakub Tomecek)

16.35 Congratulations and customary photos on the platform.

16.33 The continental title goes to Ben Llewellin and Amber Hill.

16.33 GREAT BRITAIN WINS GOLD, ITALY WINS SILVER! Not enough for Diana Bacosi and Tammaro Cassandro a good, but not perfect final to get on the top step of the podium.

16.32 The British do the same, but for them it is enough to keep the advantage and reach six points overall.

16.30 Italy tries! Bacosi and Cassandro score a 7 out of 8.

16.29 NOOOOO! A Bacosi mistake, a Cassandro mistake: for a total of 6. The partial score rewards the British who go on 5-3 obtaining a match point.

16.27 The British reopen with a 7 out of 8.

Let’s start once again!

16.25 The British are also wrong: one each for Llewellin and Hill, closing on 7-6 for the blues. ITALY DRAWS THE ACCOUNTS ON 3-3 !!

16.24 This time it is Tammaro Cassandro who makes a mistake: 7/8 for the blues.


16.24 The technical director understands the moment of tension of his and calls the timeout to rearrange the ideas.

16.23 Andrea Benelli speaking.

16.23 Another mistake for Diana Bacosi, which is very expensive. The set ends at 7-8. Great Britain leads 3-1.

16.22 Now it’s up to the team across the Channel to open hostilities. Hill and Llewellin with a perfect 8 out of 8.

16.21 The British also score 7 out of 8. The score is 1-1 after the first heat.

16.20 Total of the blues: 7 out of 8, a mistake only by Diana Bacosi. Now it’s up to the British.

16.20 YES GO! It’s up to the Azzurri immediately!

16.19 Fire test in progress.

16.18 Presentation of the very strong British and the directors of the platform.

16.17 The Azzurri arrive on the platform: they want to win they are determined.

16.15 Very soon the start of the most awaited final, the one for gold. Diana Bacosi and Tammaro Cassandro against Amber Hill and Ben Llewellin.

16.14 SWEDEN IS BRONZE! The sequence of Victoria Larsson and Stefan Nillson was perfect, winning the heat 8 out of 8 and closing the overall calculation 6-2.

16.13 Greece opens: it’s 7 out of 8. Now it’s up to Sweden.

16.12 Greece can now only win to hope for bronze, otherwise the second medal will be for the Scandinavians.

16.10 Sweden goes to 4-2 by winning a very tight round 7-6: the final mistake of Mavrommatis was decisive.

16.09 Third heat: we start again with Sweden to shoot first.

16.08 The couples shoot very fast on the Cypriot platforms. By reversing the order of the addenda, however, the result does not change: again on 7-7, which translates into a 2-2 overall.

16.06 Now it’s up to the Greeks to open the heat.

16.04 The Nordics start strong: they put a 7 out of 8 on the scoresheet. The Hellenes respond with another 7/8. One point each for 1-1.

16.03 IT BEGINS! For Sweden there are Victoria Larsson and Stefan Nillson, for Greece there are Emmanouela Katzouraki and Nikolaos Mavrommatis on the platform.

16.02 Now a break before the second bronze final: Greece-Sweden.

16.00 Azerbaijan could do nothing even in the case of a clear path. It ends 7-3 for the Czech Republic which takes the first bronze!

15.59 The Czechs start again in a decisive heat. Warning: we have a perfect 8/8 for Tomecek and Sumova!

15.57 Jakub Tomecek and Barbora Sumova shoot quickly. Even for them 6/8. Total count 5-3, one point for each pair.

15.55 Rigina Meftakhetdinova and Niyaz Aghazada try to lengthen the question: they make a total of 6 out of 8, the two errors arrive in the first mini-series of shooting.

15.52 Three errors arrive for Azerbaijan. The Czech Republic goes 4-2 on aggregate. First match point for the bronze.

15.50 Czech Republic simply perfect in this third round: 8/8 for Jakub Tomecek and Barbora Sumova.

15.47 Let’s start again! Now this time it was the representatives Azerbaijan to shoot: result 4/8. The Czech Republic goes: 7 out of 8. Draw 2-2

15.46 The Czech Republic starts strong, but then loses by closing the first heat at 6/8. Azerbaijan with Aghazada manages to break the final targets: 7/8. First two points to the Azeris who lead to 0-2.


15.44 The two teams arrive on the platform.

15.42 The second final for the bronze will be between Sweden and Greece, which we will then present to you with the four protagonists.

15.40 In 5 minutes the first final for the bronze: the Czech Republic of Jakub Tomecek and Barbora Sumova challenges Rigina Meftakhetdinova and Niyaz Aghazada’s Azerbaijan.

15.35 Good afternoon friends of OA Sport! It starts with the mixed skeet finals at the 2022 skeet shooting European Championships.

13.55 Appointment at 15.45 with the finals for bronze and gold. Italy will try to get on the top step of the podium!

13.51 It will be Italy 1 (Cassandro-Bacosi) to play the final for gold against Great Britain (Llewellin-Hill): 146/150 for the Azzurri and the British. Outside the Italy 2 medal zone (Rossetti-Cainero): eighths blues with 141/150.

12.52 Only 141/150 for Italy 2 (72/75 for Rossetti and 69/75 for a Chiara Cainero very much in the shadow in this continental review): the Azzurri remain in the running for the final for the bronze, but it will not be easy.

12.51 As for Italy 1, Tammaro Cassandro concluded with an excellent 74/75, while Diana Bacosi made three mistakes (72/75).

12.49 Italy 1 and Great Britain are paired at 146/150 at the end of the three qualifying series. They are in a good position to enter the final for gold, but Sweden can still overcome them (with 50/50 in the third series) or pair them (with a 49/50), but the Czech Republic would also reach 146 with 50 / 50 in the last session.

11.24 After the second series Italy 1 (Cassandro 49 and Bacosi 49) is in command with 98/100, on par with the Great Britain of Ben Llewellin and Amber Hill. It becomes very hard for Italia 2, which dropped to eighth position with 95/100: Rossetti impeccable with 50/50, but Chiara Cainero’s 21/25 can cost dearly.

9.03 The road is still long, however, there are two series missing, that is 100 overall targets (50 for men and 50 for women).

9.00 After the first shooting session, three couples in command, two of which are blue! 49 targets out of 50 for Italy 1 (25 Tammaro Cassandro, 24 Diana Bacosi), Italy 2 (25 Gabriele Rossetti, 24 Chiara Cainero) and Finland (24 Tommi Takanen, 25 Marjut Heinonen).

Friends of OA Sport, good morning and welcome to LIVE LIVE of the 2022 European Shooting Championships taking place in Larnaca (Cyprus).

Today is the day of the mixed pairs skeet competition which, according to the rotation of the Five Circles program relating to skeet shooting, will be part of the Olympic program in Paris 2024.

For Italy in competition there will be two pairs: the one formed by Diana Bacosi and Tammaro Cassandro and that constituted by Chiara Cainero and Gabriele Rossetti. The tricolor delegation therefore puts on the field a lot of quality thinking about the future.

OA Sport offers you LIVE LIVE from the 2022 European Shooting Championships taking place in Larnaca (Cyprus). The story, with constant updates on the mixed skeet contest in pairs, skeet after skeet, will begin at 3.45 pm, on the occasion of the two finals for the bronze and the final for the gold. We are waiting for you: have fun!

Photo: LaPresse

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