Covid, Undersecretary of Health Costa announces farewell to all restrictions, including masks on public transport.  Monday Vaccines Updated.  787 New Cases In Puglia, 235 In Lecce - Corriere Salentino Lecce

Covid, Undersecretary of Health Costa announces farewell to all restrictions, including masks on public transport. Monday Vaccines Updated. 787 New Cases In Puglia, 235 In Lecce – Corriere Salentino Lecce

PUGLIA – Andrea Costa, Undersecretary of State for Healthcontinues to deal with the ordinary administration, after the fall of the Draghi government, and is spent in the electoral campaign as leader of “Noi Moderati” at the Proportional Chamber in Liguria for the next elections on 25 September. The undersecretary granted an interview to the director Gaetano Gorgoni between one engagement and another (his agenda is very dense at the moment), which was published today in the Eco di Bergamo. Costa did not miss the opportunity to re-launch his call to be vaccinated, “because through vaccination we are free again”. Then, the undersecretary explained that the updated vaccines will be destined for some specific categories, so the old vaccines with extended deadlines will be disposed of slowly, as far as possible, for the other categories. Among the certainties there is also the one that the restrictions are now behind us and will never return, according to Andrea Costa, including the obligation to wear a mask on public transport.

The undersecretary reassures everyone about the efficacy and safety of this new vaccine. Someone is convinced that now (that we are in an endemic phase) it is no longer necessary to get vaccinated. “Passing from a pandemic phase to an endemic phase means passing to a phase of coexistence with the virus and in this passage the vaccines have played a fundamental role – explains Costa – Vaccination is still important and has been decisive in the management of the health emergency. If we had not been able to cover over 90% of the population with serum, we would now be experiencing a dramatic situation. It is the vaccine that is allowing us to return to normal. I will never tire of repeating it. And then it is the data that demonstrate its effectiveness. According to a study published in The Lancet, in fact, Covid-19 vaccines worldwide prevented 19.8 million deaths from December 2020 to December 2021. According to the ISS, then, in Italy in the same period the vaccination campaign made it possible to avoid 8 million cases, over 500,000 hospitalizations, over 55,000 hospitalizations in intensive care and about 150,000 deaths ”.

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The old batches of vaccine were not consumed and days ago the expiration of stocks in the warehouse was extended. There are now up-to-date vaccines that those who get vaccinated will claim to do. How will you do it? Will you throw away the old ones? Furthermore, the fourth dose for frail and elderly people was not as successful as the other boosters. What needs to be done to convince those entitled, the most fragile, to get vaccinated?
“We must continue to raise awareness to make people understand that the vaccine is a fundamental tool to protect and protect the elderly and the frail in particular from the serious consequences of the disease. Politics must take on the responsibility every day to renew confidence in science. Citizens have shown great responsibility by joining the vaccination campaign and now is the time to trust them. I am sure that this time too they will follow the instructions given to them. Having said this, I remind you that updated vaccines are recommended as a priority to those who are still waiting to receive the second booster dose, also including health workers, operators and guests of residential facilities for the elderly and pregnant women and all subjects of age. 12 years or older still waiting to receive the first booster dose. So get vaccinated. And do it as soon as possible “.

The green pass will remain a memory in any case according to the undersecretary because “every rule is the daughter of the time in which it is taken”. “Today talking about restrictions is anachronistic and there are no elements to prefigure doomsday scenarios in the autumn. We don’t have to sacrifice the present for fear of the future. That said, we have two years of experience in emergency management and the country is ready to face any future scenarios. Those who today, however, prophesy a catastrophic autumn are not doing the good of the citizens. We must continue with a sense of responsibility but not with fear. And I will tell you more, to advance in the process of returning to normal there is still one step missing: after having reduced it, now it is necessary to definitively eliminate the measure of the isolation of asymptomatic positives, allowing these subjects to go out and even go to work with Ffp2. Only in this way will we be able to really talk about coexistence with the virus and above all avoid the risk of a de facto lockdown that would throw the country, already tried by the energy crisis, into another economic emergency “.

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Start school again without restrictions. Will we manage not to step back? Meanwhile, we record a fact: we have not been able to equip all schools with ventilation systems that reduce the chances of infections.

“On the subject of school, the Draghi Government has always made progress in the choices made, all strongly supported by ‘Noi Moderati’. Education has always been a priority of the Executive. Now we can say it, we have succeeded in the goal: return to class in the presence and without masks. A common sense choice for our boys and girls who have suffered so much in these two years. An important signal also for the whole community, a tangible sign of a return to normality. With regard to mechanical ventilation, I recall that the Government has allocated important resources. Some regions have already grounded these funds, others have to do so. Let us remember that in any case we are talking about non-invasive interventions that can be planned and carried out even when school activities have begun. We therefore trust that these investments will be completed by the winter. Also because the data tell us that these systems significantly reduce the risk of contagion ».

Soon we will do without the obligation of the mask also on public transport, according to Costa: “We are faced with an obligation that will last until September 30 and in my opinion, to date, there are no conditions to extend the measure. The infections are constantly decreasing, as well as the occupation of the ordinary wards and intensive care ”.


Today’s epidemiological bulletin records 8,159 (yesterday 9,053) tests performed and 787 (yesterday 773) new cases: the positive index rises to 9.65% compared to 8.54% yesterday, to 17.83% on Thursday , at 6.48% on Wednesday, 11.82% on Tuesday, 9.42% on Monday, 9.30% on Sunday, 9.94% on Saturday.
There are 4 deaths compared to 1 yesterday, 5 on Thursday, 3 on Wednesday, 2 on Tuesday, 0 on Monday and Sunday, 2 on Saturday.
With 235 new cases (yesterday 193) the province of Lecce remains in second place among the Apulian provinces (Bari, 241 cases).
Overall, hospitalized patients rose from 174 to 180 (+6), while the currently positive ones fell from 12,024 to 11,682 (-342).
Of the 180 hospitalized, 172 (yesterday 166, +6) are in the non-critical area, while 8 (yesterday 8, +0) are in intensive care.


Province of Bari: 241

Bat Province: 42

Province of Brindisi: 67

Province of Foggia: 78

Province of Lecce: 235

Province of Taranto: 102

Residents outside the region: 19

Province in definition: 3

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