Fiorello: "The doctors gave up my mother and I with her, we are alive by a miracle. My father died while I was in Sanremo, that's why I don't love this event" - Il Fatto Quotidiano

Fiorello: “The doctors gave up my mother and I with her, we are alive by a miracle. My father died while I was in Sanremo, that’s why I don’t love this event” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

The Fiorello’s return to TV now it’s a little bit closer. The Sicilian showman is one who exhibits little and when he does, you need to be able to read between the lines, especially when he talks about new work projects. Thus, among the responses to the long interview-conversation given to Corriere della Serawhere he talks with the feared critic Aldo Grassonot only fishes in the memory and in the memories talking about happy childhood, family, beginnings and depression (from which his wife Susanna saved him), but also looks to the future and hints at a new possible project: a morning show on Rai1.

FIORELLO AND THE HYPOTHESIS OF A MORNING SHOW ON RAI1 – “Sometimes I’m tempted to say” now I’ll stop “but I’ve been saying it for too long now”, confesses Fiorello talking about TV, anxiety for listening, radio (his great passion) and theater as a forge for new shows . Then he admits: “I no longer feel that desire to “be there”, but if the idea arrives, I wake up“. In reality, that idea may already exist and not only have an embryonic form, so much so that he explicitly confesses how much he would like to try the path of the morning show. “From 7 in the morning onwards, 7 is already noon for me“, He says. Then the admission of the technical tests of rapprochement with Rai1: «We are sniffing each other to see if such a thing can be done on Raiuno at a time dedicated to other things, the morning has gold in its mouth, as age now forces us to get up early. It is a prostatic idea but in Italy no one has ever attempted it ». And who knows that the experiment will not debut as early as 2023.

BECAUSE HE DOESN’T LOVE SANREMO MUCH – In the long interview there is also room for an unpublished confession, which concerns Sanremo and the death of his father (“The saddest moment of my life”), which took place just as he was following the Festival with Radio Deejay, at the beginning of his career. “I don’t know if I’ve ever said that but my reluctance for Sanremo stems from this eventHe confesses. “I was calling home and no one answered me. Then I took a tour of relatives and they told me that my father was sick, to come back immediately (actually he was already dead) », he reveals. Then the run in the night to Pila, in Val d’Aosta, to recover his brother Beppe, who worked there, and at the same time the return to Sicily for the funeral. “I’m sorry my father didn’t see anything I did, I was just starting out then. The sea of ​​Sanremo always reminds me of the tears that I shed for my father that night which I still needed so much ».

FIORELLO AND THE MOTHER LIVE BY MIRACLE – Fiorello then enters into the most intimate memories of his private life and reveals that he should have been called Raffaele, like his grandfather, but then at the time of giving birth his mother Rosaria risked her life (consequently he too) and changed everything. “When I was about to be born he had a very serious complication, the doctors gave her up for dead and I with her. Miracle, in the end we were both saved. the I should have called Raffaelelike my grandfather, at that point my father decided to call me after my mother ».

WIFE SUSANNA SAVED HIM FROM DEPRESSION – The interview is a long ride through memories, from the beginnings to the time that Vittorio Salvetti sent him to the stage of the Verona Arena due to technical problems and he found himself improvising for 40 minutes in front of 14 thousand people. In the front row was Bibi Ballandi, the mythological producer who then brought him to Rai and created with and for him Stasera pago io (“he made me find Dustin Hoffman, my favorite actor, as a guest”). But even before that, he talks about the hangover of success with Karaoke and “the weight of an exaggerated and sudden celebrity”. And then the down with fifth place in Sanremo in ’95 and the flop of the Canale 5 show Don’t forget your toothbrush: «The depression arrived on time and… the rest is history. Susanna put the train back on the tracks ». He and Susanna met at a dinner thanks to Giovanni Malagò, the president of Coni, they have been together for 26 years and have never left. “I only felt fulfilled when I managed to buy the house, a house in my name, with a roof over my head. But today I am also proud to have managed to form my family: me, Susanna, Olivia and Angelica ».

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