Inter, non esiste ragione per esonerare Inzaghi: neanche Conte riuscirebbe a far meglio, ma la crisi va risolta subito

Inter, there is no reason to exempt Inzaghi. Not even Conte would be able to do better, but the crisis must be resolved immediately

There is no serious and credible reason to exempt Simone Inzaghi. At Inter has just started its second season and the first was characterized by victory of two trophies (Super Cup and Italian Cup) and a championship as a protagonist. It is true that Inter gave the Scudetto to Milan, but it is equally true that the Nerazzurri team had been weakened., last summer, from the departures of Lukaku and Hakimi. Dzeko and Dumfries are not worth them, yet Inter were first in the lead for a long time and then attacked Milan until the end. Not even Conte won in the first year. Indeed, he also lost the Europa League final and no one, even remotely, has dreamed of contesting it.

In this part of the season, Inter paid first for Lukaku’s lack of condition and now for his injury. Few, then, remember that Perisic left without being, at least for now, adequately replaced by Gosens. It’s true, Inter lost to Lazio and the derby, but the performance of the leading teams, excluding Atalanta, is such that nothing is compromised. More realistically we are in the presence of an incipient crisis that must be averted as soon as possible. The intersection with Turin will be revealing of the general conditions of the group. A win against an excellent team (Torino, in fact) should have a double effect: relaunch Inter in the standings and find enthusiasm for the rest of the season.

The Champions League deserves a separate discussion. Inter ended up in an impossible group (Barcelona and Bayern Munich are clearly superior) and the only legitimate goal to continue the road in Europe is the conquest of third place. Slip in Europa League it is not a dishonor, indeed it offers a realistic possibility. The one of compete for a trophy of value with the credibility to win it. Bayern and Barcelona are in another category and today there is no manager able to bridge that gap. Not even Conte could do more.

Rather it is worth asking how you play Inter now. It cannot be said badly, just as it cannot be said that it is not an organized team. He has problems in defense, everyone sees this, but the deficit is not attributable to the game system. There are poor form conditions (Sticks also because he is not well) and errors due to attention (Skriniar, De Vrij, against Bayern it was also the case of D’Ambrosio and Dumfries).

Having said that conceding too many goals at the beginning of the championship was also a problem for Conte in the Scudetto season, it is clear that Inzaghi has to work harder to improve both individual performances and collective mechanisms. I don’t think everything is resolved by changing the interpreters also because Unripe (in my opinion it will be very useful) is not ready yet. The reality is that the possible sale of Skriniar to Paris Saint Germain has emptied the player of mental energy. It is not easy to combine training with the mobile phone, as it is clear that too many times the thought has gone to the possible transfer at the expense of concentration.

In midfield for now, Brozovic has been missing in too many circumstances and Barella is out of phase even if tomorrow he will return, like Handanovic. If I were in the Inter coach, I would insert Mkhitaryan in place of Calhanoglu and let Dumfries rest for a couple of games. If he loses the race, he is a useless winger. Front Dzeko and Lautaro they are not replaceable. Correa is a small case because the San Siro has targeted him. It is unpleasant, but in these cases either one has the zest not to be influenced, or both the player and the boy must be preserved.

Finally, it is said that Inzaghi has a good squad and I agree when it comes to the Italian championship. But this squad would not go well with his possible replacement that many indicate in Roberto De Zerbi. The former Sassuolo, who has just refused Bologna, deserves a chance with a great team, but taking one in the race would be at high risk for him to learn the game. Secondly, I don’t think all Inter players would be functional to make it happen. These two factors make the turnover incompatible at the moment. Which, however, is not in the heads of the owners and managers, but only in the belly of the most exacerbated fans.

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