Napoli, il ds Giuntoli: 'Mercato? Con CR7 abbiamo fatto finta di chiacchierare, ma volevamo altro. Niente Navas, fiducia a Meret'

Naples, the sports director Giuntoli: ‘Market? With CR7 we pretended to chat, but we wanted more. No Navas, trust Meret ‘

A huge job by the sports director of the Naples Cristiano Giuntoli, this summer, which had to face the many (and important) goodbyes going to replace the players by investing in young people. The first fruits are beginning to be seen and the blue ds gave a long interview to the microphones of the Corriere dello Sport, touching on different themes.

KVARATSKHELIA – “The first time I saw Khvicha in a video we were in the heart of the lockdown. He must have been nineteen, but he was already good with his feet. Rino was still there and we liked him immediately, I remember we called Kaladze to find out more. He had made a pass to the Lokomotiv Moscowwithout surprising, but al Rubin Kazan it was getting better. They asked us thirty million, we closed the contacts before even starting a negotiation. We were behind Osimhen, we could not bet so much on a boy. But he stayed in my head. When the conflict broke out in Ukraine in February, he returned to Georgia at Dinamo Batumi. We ran there with the contract. We closed for ten million. “

COMPETITION – “We were faster than Juve, Roma and Real Sociedad because he had never left our notebook.”

SHOULDER – “Spalletti liked it immediately, there was no doubt that he was a talent. When the boy came to Italy for the signing, I sent him home, to Milan. They understood instantly. But it was one thing to take Kvarastkhelia, it was quite another to take him in place of Insigne. The bet was too much, too demanding. But we wanted to play it and today I can say that we won it. “

ANCELOTTI AND SARRI – “Ancelotti is an extraordinary aggregator, his strength is that he never looks for excuses. He won a lot for this too. Sarri is an ideologue, who knows how to play special football. This is why he made Naples fall in love. world that is created, speaks with the game. And it is poetry “.

GATTUSO – “He is a driving force, Rino. He motivates the group, younger than the others and with less experience. But very applied and generous”.

SHOULDER – “He is close to my house, the same dialect is spoken. I have known him since he came to play the district tournament in Agliana. I respect him a lot. Do they say he will go crazy? It will not happen with us. She is a special talent because she doesn’t have a single score. He’s a chameleon, he changes training for every game. He makes a liquid kick in the possession phase and a solid kick in the non-possession phase. He alternates dribbling and verticality. He is the most complete of all. Liverpool gave him the field, and he did with Klopp what Klopp does with the others. He knocked it out. “

ANCELOTTI – “His arrival was an epochal revolution. In a locker room of twenty-five players who had touched the Scudetto with Sarri, we changed fifteen in two years. All the players loved Carlo, but unconsciously refused the tactical changes he wanted to impose. There was an unconscious resistance, which some negative results made stronger. Staying in the old patterns gave security “.

REVOLUTION TODAY – “To greet, all together, Koulibaly, Insigne, Mertens and Fabian, was a risk to take. The Coronavirus had brought finances to their knees, we wanted to bring the club back into a virtuous circuit. To do that we had to back down with salaries. divorce was a forced choice “.

FROM INSIGNE TO KVARA – “Khvicha takes 1.2 net and 1.7 gross. Lorenzo 4.5 net and 9 gross. Do you the subtraction”.

DE LAURENTIIS-INSIGNE – “The President esteems Lorenzo. Even now messages are sent. The separation was the consequence of a financial return strategy. He should have accepted a lower salary. That’s all.”

CR7 – “During the transfer market we pretend to chat with everyone, and sometimes we do it for real. But we wanted to invest in a young team”.

NAVAS – “Navas is another story. We have excellent relationships with PSG managers. They were interested in Fabián, whom we had to sell. We could have brought a high-level goalkeeper to Naples to work alongside Meret. In the end, the operation was closed in half. They did not find the salary agreement with the player. They knew we had a binding ceiling. He does not try hard for anyone. The players in the locker room talk to each other. If you make distinctions, it becomes known. And that’s not good. Navas earns a lot of money, fifteen gross “.

IN JANUARY? – “No, let’s trust Meret. We are happy that he stayed. Against the Liverpool made a great match. Having endured the summer pressures did him good. He is gaining confidence in playing from behind, soon he will also take care of the range. With the strikers we have it will be very useful if you learn. “

ZERBIN – “We found him a few years ago in Gozzano, he was the Interregional. With Zanoli, Gaetano and Marfella he represents our manufacturing nursery”.

NAPLES MARKET – “In January the repair is done, we have nothing to repair”.

DE LAURENTIIS – “Eight years ago Andrea Chiavelli called me. He had seen my numbers in Carpi. And he introduces me to the president. We understood each other immediately. Goodbye in January 2021? Nobody ever told me. With Aurelio I have a relationship of frankness. He accepted me as a son, I feel his esteem, our families are close. We are a group even outside of work. Then it is clear that you win a game and you feel up, you lose it and you go down. It’s part of any real relationship. But even in the worst moments I never lacked his esteem and respect for him. Explanation? There was no need. “

FULL MARADONA – “It means that Naples is happy to see football play well. After eight years I know it, it is a city of good mouth, from the time of Vinicio. The fans know that this is a young team and under construction, it may have ups and downs. But for sure it will entertain. Spalletti has a tactical variety that amazes and never skimpes on the show. I said, he is a chameleon. The city has made a pact with him on quality. It is a pact of love. “.

OSIMHEN – “There won’t be Saturday, but it shouldn’t be a tear. He has to learn to master himself. But did you see how he demolished Liverpool in half an hour?”.

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