Eyewear bonus: an extraordinary advantage for this category of subjects

Eyewear bonus: an extraordinary advantage for this category of subjects

What are the benefits associated with the Eyewear Bonus? Which individuals is it up to? How can you apply? Here are all the details.

The National Health Service provides for concessions for the purchase of glasses and equipment for the visually impaired.

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The Glasses bonus is a benefit reserved for visually impaired peoplewith a corrected visus less than 3/10 or a altered visual field. He comes provided by the National Health Service and it can be used to buy prostheses or technological aids, aimed at correcting visual impairments, increasing residual abilities and favoring the personal autonomy of the disabled.

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Let’s find out, in detail, how you can take advantage of the Eyewear Bonus and who can request it.

Eyewear bonus for the disabled: what does it consist of?

The eyewear bonus reserved for the disabled can be used to purchase glasses or other aids for the visually impaired and allows the application ofReduced VAT at 4% and the personal income tax deduction of 19%.

It is the ASL, however, that establishes whether the support requested by the disabled person falls within the facility. To this end, there is a Tariff nomenclator, published in 1992. It is therefore up to the competent Medical Commission to carry out the visit to ascertain the invalidity. And, often, the criteria adopted for the recognition of visual impairments are not the same throughout the national territory.

To avoid misunderstandings, it is preferable to go to the Prosthesis Office of your local ASL or contact the public service for medical assistance for the visually impaired.

In the event that the aid or prosthesis in which you are interested does not fall within the nomenclator, you can, however, deduct the expenses incurred through the Statement 730based on the provisions of current tax legislation.

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Eyewear bonus: how to request it

How can I apply for the Disabled Eyewear Bonus? The procedure to be followed is specified in Ministerial Decree 27 August 1999 n. 332. It contemplates 3 specific stages:

  1. first, the family doctor must fill in un ‘binding for the prescription of prostheses and aids at a public facility,
  2. thereafter, one has to sustain one visit with an eye specialist accredited by the National Health Service. At the end of the visit, one must be issued prescription for the aid you need;
  3. finally, the prescription must be delivered to a supplier company agreement with the National Health Service. The licensed optician, therefore, has the task of drawing up a Estimate, based on the indications contained in the medical prescription. The disabled person must then deliver the quote to theCompetent ASL.

To obtain the Eyewear Bonus, you must contact theProsthetics Office of the territorial ASL and it is necessary to deliver:

  • the documentation certifying the state of disability;
  • the prescription of the ophthalmologist who carried out the visit;
  • the estimate of the price of the glasses or the aid for the visually impaired requested by the optician who has an agreement with the NHS.

The ASL Prosthesis Office must carry out all checks on the documents presented by the disabled person; in the event of a positive outcome, authorizes the supply.

And the business agreement with the National Health Service which presented the estimate that delivers the equipment to the applicant. Delivery must take place in 30 days from the approval of the estimate by the ASL and from the authorization to grant the visual aid.

Civil invalidity is required

To be eligible for the Disabled Eyewear Bonus, the applicant must have the recognition of civil invalidity. Therefore, he must have passed the relevant visit with the Medical Commission and received the assignment of the specification percentage of disabilitywith which you can also take advantage of other tax benefits (such as, for example, the civil invalidity pension or the ordinary invalidity allowance).

Civil invalidity is due in the event that one has one reduced capacity for autonomy or work. Specifically, the civil invalid is the one who:

  • is aged between 18 and 65 years and is affected by congenital or acquired impairments, even of a progressive nature, which lead to a decrease in working capacity by at least 1/3;
  • you are under 18 or over 65 and have permanent difficulties in carrying out daily activities.

On the contrary, they do not fall into the category of civil invalids:

  • invalids from war, work or service;
  • the blind civilians and the deaf and dumb, who are protected by specific regulations.

Disabled people and people with motor disabilities have the right to request recognition of the condition of serious disability through the Law 104/1992 and thus obtain additional benefits.

How civil invalidity is obtained

To apply for the Eyewear Bonus, you must have the recognition of the condition of the visually impaired. The procedure to follow to obtain the granting of civil invalidity is as follows:

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  • electronic submission to INPS of an introductory medical certificate, filled in by your family doctor. The document must specify the reasons why a visit with the competent medical commission is requested;
  • forwarding of the civil invalidity application, again electronically, through the INPS website. To access the area you must use your SPID, CIE or CNS credentials;
  • call to visit, before the Medical Commission and release of the disability report. It must contain the acknowledgment of the invalidity and the relative percentage, with which the various tax concessions and economic benefits can be obtained.

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