Charles who wants to change the monarchy, Harry alone against everyone: the future after Elizabeth II

Charles who wants to change the monarchy, Harry alone against everyone: the future after Elizabeth II

With the death of Elizabeth II the curtain falls on an era that has included almost a century of transformations. From all over the world, from people of all ages and social classes there are attestations of esteem and affection towards women more than anyone else, witness of times and revolutions, transformations of history and customs, a symbol of strength and firmness up to the last days of life. Now the page has turned, inexorably: God save the king, now sings the changed national anthem along with the rest on 8 September 2022; Charles III sits on that throne patiently observed from afar for a long time, and now it is on his head that rests the caliber of a heavy crown of inheritance.

What will it be like after Elizabeth II? We asked Gilda Faleri, one of the most experienced Italian royal watchers who has always cultivated a great passion for royal families, which she talks about on the site The Queeg. From Carlo’s programs aimed at streamlining the current monarchy without distorting it completely, to the very delicate relations with Harry, now without the presence of his grandmother as the only fixed point of a precarious family situation, the design of a real picture in which everything seems to tend to change, in which every detail is added to the past and tends towards the future to make history anyway.

There are no differences of age, social class, political ideas: in these hours millions of people in the same way express with authenticity the sadness for a loss as imagined as it is inconceivable. In your opinion, what are the qualities that more than others have contributed to making Elizabeth II so loved in a transversal way?

“Elisabetta has succeeded in the difficult objective of bringing together past and present, tradition and modernization. It has been an element of unity, a symbol of belonging for several generations. In the last twenty years she has represented the kind of reassurance that a grandmother transmits. to grandchildren of all ages. Seventy years of the throne are many, it means that most of the population was born when she was already queen, so it is normal that she was a point of reference, also for that sense of duty embodied up to meeting with Liz Truss a few days before she died, a sense of duty so lacking nowadays that she has always put before everything and everyone. proclamation of queen and this she really did all her life. And then there is what I call “despite everything” that has marked her every action in every context: she has kept the family united despite everything, you have maintained the same strong personality despite the different expressions of successive prime ministers, I think of Thatcher, of Blair, up to Brexit. There will never be anyone like her “.

And now a new page of history opens that finds Charles the protagonist of the monarchy. What king will he be? And how will he differ from his mother in managing the kingdom?

“It will be different. In the end, the monarchy is made up of people and each has different characteristics. Carlo has other goals and other values ​​than those of his mother and in his life he also put personal interests before those of the monarchy, as in the case of Camilla. , married after Diana’s death and today legitimate consort, queen at her side. She is certainly as attentive to issues of ecology and the environment as her father Filippo was, so she will certainly use her role to carry out the protection Among its priorities also the streamlining of the monarchy, in the aspect of the descendants of the members, but not only: among other things, in fact, it is hypothesized that it can also make public the royal palaces, therefore non-habitable institutional seats. I don’t know if he will have the strength to make a drastic break with the past, to break the mold, perhaps in this William could be more determined in the future. ion very rooted thanks to the work of the queen and a process of modernization that will greatly depend on the degree of appreciation of the subjects “.

Confrontations with Elisabetta will be inevitable. Will Carlo be able to be appreciated anyway, despite his differences with his mother?

“No, I don’t think there will ever be anyone who can match the degree of appreciation reached by Elizabeth II. Surely from an institutional point of view he is prepared to fill the role of king, given that he has been waiting for seventy years to become one, and he will be able to be appreciated. But from the point of view of charisma, I don’t think she can be able to equal the mother: those are qualities that one has or does not have regardless of the public position one holds “.

Next to King Charles III there is Camilla who, according to the hope officially declared last February by Elizabeth, is now at his side as queen consort. Are you up to the role of her?

“Yes, in fact and over time she has shown that she deserves it. Camilla does not obscure the figure of the king, she has a great affinity with Carlo and will be an important sidekick for him. Certainly Elisabetta understood the qualities of her daughter-in-law as a good support for the son once ascended to the throne, for this reason he wanted to facilitate him by declaring his approval to the role of queen consort a few months ago. If this had not happened, in fact, if the queen had omitted this formal declaration, it would probably have been Charles himself who appointed his wife queen consort, generating troubles for him and the monarchy as an institution. Discontents which, however, were averted by the direct intervention of the sovereign who had foreseen probable negative scenarios “.

Harry Topic: The ‘rebellious’ grandson was in London when news broke about Grandma Elizabeth’s serious health condition. Despite the timely flight on a private jet to Balmoral, the duke did not have time to say goodbye for the last time. Given the stormy past with the family after the choice to no longer be an active member of the royal family, what scenarios could the queen’s death now open for the relations between Harry, Carlo and William?

“The queen was the connecting link between all the members of the family, loved and respected. Now there are two implications: either the deteriorated relationships are strengthened completely or the fracture becomes irremediable. Yesterday William and Harry arrived at the bedside of the grandmother in different times and ways; moreover Harry was the first to leave Balmoral early this morning, a sign that the intention to take the opportunity for a rapprochement was not there. The mistrust among everyone at the moment remains, even for the famous one. biography of Harry announced as a revealer of important secrets that still leads William to have very tense relationships, almost non-existent “.

With the death of Queen Elizabeth, formal procedures are initiated that change the assignment of royal titles to family members. Among them also Archie and Lilibeth, the children of Harry and Meghan who, precisely as a result of the disappearance of their great-grandmother, become in effect princes. The situation could change if King Charles decided to change what was established by his predecessors by virtue of that process of streamlining the monarchical lineage hypothesized in his reign. Could this really happen?

“I don’t think so, they are still his grandchildren. And then Carlo will certainly make sure to avoid further family tensions especially at this time that he would not be able to manage as his mother would have done, unique and exceptional in managing any situation that occurred in the his long reign “.

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