Honda Hornet Concept: discovering the engine!  - News -

Honda Hornet Concept: discovering the engine! – News –

All new 755 cc parallel twin engine with 8 valve Unicam distribution. 92hp peak power with Hornet-style “pungent delivery” but reinforced by consistent torque at low and mid-range speeds

September 9, 2022

H.wave has published new details regarding the Hornet regarding the engine. It is, they explained, a “completely new engine, parallel twin of 755 cc with 8-valve Unicam distribution. It develops a maximum power of 92 hp (67.5 kW) at 9,500 rpm with maximum torque of 75 Nm at 7,250 rpm. “We had foreseen it.

“Typical delivery pungent in perfect Hornet style – Honda said in a note – reinforced by a consistent torque at low and medium revs for pure driving fun and maximum usability on any route “.

The news on the engine arrived a few months after design sketches shown in May.

For Honda this new information on the development of the new Hornet Concept “clearly shows how the new model has high performanceperfectly adequate at his aggressive look “.

No.n the video released today the Hornet Concept is powered by a completely new engine which is defined as “compact and light” and which “continues in furrow of the long Hornet tradition, made of engines very ready to go up in revs and from the exciting delivery up to the limiter. But at the same time, in addition to the thrilling drive at high revs, the new engine delivers consistent torque already from the low and medium revs, to allow instant acceleration and very prompt shooting with any gear engaged, making every moment of driving engaging “.

“Finally – they said again from Honda – the gritty limping soundthe result of the irregular bursts typical of the 270-degree crank, it is emphasized by the high-performance exhaust system that emits a dark sound at low and medium revs that becomes scratchy as the revs go up “.

THEThe project manager for the development of the Hornet Concept is Fuyuki Hosokawa: “The Hornet has always been one very special bike for Honda. Exciting, engaging performances have always gone hand in hand with one superlative handling. Before starting this project, we thought long and hard about what kind of performance we wanted to offer the rider. We knew it was essential to keep the typical nastiness of the Hornet at high revs, but that at the same time, as the next generation Hornet for modern times, we wanted the engine to provide a really substantial feeling of torque, accompanied by the limp sound that also makes the low and mid revs engaging. Our goal has always been to combine these characteristics of dispensing with maximum agility and manageabilityto make every moment of driving, even in the city, really fun and rewarding “.

“To get the kind of performance and agility we wanted, we knew we had to develop a short-stroke twin-cylinder engine all new, with crank mechanism a 270 degrees. This type of powertrain would not only have developed that kind of delivery at high revs, but also a consistent torque at low and medium revs, ideal for driving both in urban areas and for dashing out of curves on the open road “concluded Hosokawa.

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