Rome, we need to start again: the possible solutions to correct mistakes and return to victory

Rome, we need to start again: the possible solutions to correct mistakes and return to victory

ROME – Two consecutive defeats. Two bad defeats matured against Udinese (4-0) and the modest Ludogorets (2-1). An identity crisis, a non-optimal athletic condition, and a lot fatigue to find a game idea also linked to heavy injuries (Wijnaldum and Zaniolo) and the distractions of individual players. Roma at the beginning of this season still appeared to be “work in progress”, without having found the right cohesion between old players and new signings, between departments forced into a precarious assembly due to injuries of key elements.

Roma must find a turning point to the negative period and start again already against Empoli, a Monday night match that will mark a recovery or the confirmation of the team’s crisis. This is why from today Mourinho will study with his staff a cure to regain victory and close this cycle of games in the best possible way before the national team stops.

The insertion of Camara

The team’s problems are known, but the solutions may be different. The first, of course, is solve the misunderstanding in the middle of the field of the Matic-Cristante couple: slow, staid and who untie the departments making it difficult in the double phase. Mourinho in the last two games has thrown into the fray Camara: a few minutes in the second half of the matches to let him pick up a bit of rhythm and make him better understand how the team actually plays. Here, the first solution is to give more dynamism to the midfield by inserting the Guinean from the first minute in place of one of the two midfielders. More Cristante than Matic, with the Serbian among the most lucid in this start of the season.

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The module change

Many fans ask instead the change of module. Then abandon the three-man defense to go to 4-3-2-1 (or 4-3-1-2). The Christmas tree module that would allow to give greater consistency to the Giallorossi midfield, with the inclusion of a more dynamic midfielder and the permanence of the aforementioned duo to give even greater consistency both for the defensive coverage and for the setting of the game. Outside one between Mancini and Ibanez, inside a midfielder to allow also a Dybala from do not retreat too far into coverage and focus more on the offensive phase.

Pellegrini in midfield

Without the couple Matic-Wijnaldum, with the Dutchman who will return only in January, one of the possibilities is make Pellegrini scale on the median. Dybala behind Belotti-Abraham (then Zaniolo when he returns), the Giallorossi captain to take the reins of the game in midfield to sort the ball and give more speed to the department. “Lorenzo can play in this position”, Mourinho said several times. And then he who knows that this may not be the stratagem to try to get out of the negative period and return to victory.

More concentration

The tactical one is not the only problem for Roma. Added to this is also the lightness of some playersi who are not giving 100% in the game. Defensive and offensive distractions, gross errors that cost dearly in the two games and led to the six goals conceded in only two games. From Karsdorp to Rui Patricio up to Pellegrini and Abraham: too many errors of concentration and clarity in interventions and choices. It is not Mourinho who takes the field, and in the face of technical oversights he can only raise his hands. The shock and the turning point can and must come from everyone: from tactical maneuvers, from the players who must certainly give more on the pitch. To the technician look for the right solutions for Monday’s match against Empoli.

Roma loses against Ludogorets and social networks go wild

Look at the gallery

Roma loses against Ludogorets and social networks go wild

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