Champions: Inter unbalanced, Napoli: quality and speed.  Juve and Milan: here's what's missing (for now)

Champions: Inter unbalanced, Napoli: quality and speed. Juve and Milan: here’s what’s missing (for now)

from Mario Sconcerti

The problem is combining speed with quality, only the Neapolitans succeed. Juventus will improve

No longer does Europe play a different kind of football than ours, few European teams are superior to all the others. Even teams from the best leagues have a hard time. The English have lost two games out of four, the Germans as well. Only the traditional Spaniards fared better than they had no direct comparisons. The only one with the important opponent, Sevilla, was overwhelmed at home by Manchester City. The difference in speed remains, but to judge we must note that the Italian difficulties are now shared by the majority of the teams. For some time now, a good game organization is not an optional, the minimum good, everyone has it. What 90% of the teams lack the individual difference in velocity, that is, the sum of quality.

The many errors in the restarts of Inter, of the same Juventus and Milan, came from the difficulty in managing the ball at a different speed than usual. That is more or less the same difficulty as everyone else, wherever they are. It matters less how much a championship is training, what counts above all is the diversity of wealth that allows access to the best players. To make an attacking game, Juventus must bring the whole team forward, its least predictable player Cuadrado, in a confused moment because too much is being asked of him. Kostic did not enter the game, stuck on the side band, isolated. Paradoxically, the only player at Champions level Rabiot, at least as a technical language. Allegri knows these things very well. I never thought he enjoyed making the team play badly. It seems to me that Juve is indeed the one with the most room for improvement. From incomplete I will never play very well, but I will become regular, in Italy to score many points. In Europe I don’t know.

Inter unbalanced, they are missing Barella and Brozovic, the absence of Perisic (who moved to Tottenham) takes away further speed. With a non-departmental midfield, the defense almost always caught off guard. The defensive phase is unique and involves no less than 6-7 players. That block is now missing. also driven rigidly. Bayern had two old-fashioned attacking midfielders, Muller and San, plus Sabitzer who joined them. When they cut in the center, who was to mark them? They used space as they jumped an opponent, they fell in always different areas, then jumped more opponents even just by moving. He defends himself as a team, Inter don’t do much now, they need to find the group again, then find the defensive phase again.

Milan have some difficulties away from home where they find opponents who run. He fails to impose his quality because he is chased and often beaten. He had difficulties in Salzburg as he had in Sassuolo and Bergamo. And he can’t give his midfielders breath, they always play the same. De Ketelaere was very mocked on social media, but above all by opponents who fear it will become a big surprise. a 21-year-old boy who has played in too many roles in Belgium, in Milan he has delicate tactical tasks, normal to have difficulties. Diaz moves more, but closes the action a few times. De Ketelaere has Proust’s grammar, but like him he got the paper on which to write wrong. He has a little constant discomfort, as an artist who has changed the world. Please wait for it.

Napoli now used to playing in speed and quality, overwhelmed Liverpool 4-1. Kvaratskhelia, the Georgian arrived in the summer market, has much more than the others, it seems to me the evolution of the old Meroni, with more power in the curves of the field. In times like these it doesn’t take much more to collect the difference. Napoli lost points in Italy only when they made a lot of turnover (5 players). It is not easy to expand the yield to 16 players. This is the small open point. In the Champions League, however, the same great top selection to keep the other teams together, therefore in competition. There will also be different opponents for the Italians. It almost seems that football for once reflects European society, we are all under sanctions, common poverty. But there are those who can make fantastic soups.

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