Allegri and the return to origins: can the 3-5-2 save this Juve?

Allegri and the return to origins: can the 3-5-2 save this Juve?

The Livorno coach intends to confirm the form deployed against PSG also in the championship match against Salernitana this Sunday

A first half to forget and a second half to start over. Max Allegri’s Juventus re-embraced the 3-5-2 in the last Champions League match lost 2-1 against Paris Saint-Germain and it seems that the upheaval of the set-up has satisfied the Juventus coach. In the Sunday match against Salernitana therefore, Allegri will propose the same form again. Of course, in the pragmatic mind of the Leghorn there is little room for considerations on the modules: whether it is 4-3-3, 4-3-1-2 or 3-5-2, the ball is round, it must be managed well and “the football is simple “. However, the change in structure greatly affects the choices on individuals and the management of the infirmary. The absences of Pogba, Di Maria and Chiesa they led to 3-5-2 as the only solution of salvation, to remedy a start to the season that has so far given few high notes.

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It is right in the uncertainties that the new (old) idea of ​​3-5-2 settles down: in the first league matches Juventus rediscovered itself without key elements in the middle of the field, forcing itself to take too much of a wait-and-see approach. It goes without saying that the 3-5-2, at this moment, is the module that guarantees greater stability at a frail and frayed center of gravity. The need for greater compactness and weight along the midfield belt clearly emerged at the European debut against the Parisian battleship. Paredes / Locatelli supporting elements in the control room, alongside them an assortment of ductile mezzals such as Rabiot, Mckennie and the jolly Miretti. But it was above all the summer market that made ends meet 3-5-2: the landing of an all-field winger like Kostic, ideal for covering both offensive and defensive assignments without guaranteeing a pure-winged volume, has tipped the scales towards this module. Cuadrado, on the other side, also has all the credentials to adapt: ​​Sarri had renamed him full-back, while Allegri has always considered him an all-rounder on the wing.

In front also, the coexistence between Vlahovic and Milik it turned out to be a panacea for the bianconeri. Starting from the moment of form of the Pole, who started on the right foot in the championship and proved more than capable of binding the game between departments. In this way, the 3-5-2 could feed Vlahovic with a little more balls, and the Serbian in turn could count on an excellent mentor. Allegri himself admitted it: in the area, Milik has more “profession” than the Serbian, who has yet to learn to manage the nerves below the goal. And with the return of Of Maria, to shuttle between midfield and attack, the current set-up shouldn’t change too much.

The return to 3-5-2 rewards the characteristics of the key pieces of the defense: if we think about it, the essential Bremer he was already used to the three-way line of the Toro, while Bonucci retains the experience of the Contian era and the first cheerful period. Back then, however, the BBC dominated in defense and the attack was carried along by Tevez; the midfield boasted names of the caliber of Pirlo, Marchisio, Vidal and Pogba. Today the transition to 3-5-2 is mainly dictated by the scarcity of raw materials. Previously it was a whim, today it is a necessity. Not an encouraging premise to heal an arid Juve in spirit and intent.

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