Claudio Gaetani died suddenly in London at the age of 46: he was Arlecchino in Pinocchio by Matteo Garrone

Claudio Gaetani died suddenly in London at the age of 46: he was Arlecchino in Pinocchio by Matteo Garrone

Actor and director Claudio Gaetani died suddenly in the English capital at the age of 46

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Actor and director Claudio Gaetani passed away at the age of 46. The artist died suddenly of an illness while in London for the show The long shadow of the dwarfof which he was the protagonist, after the success achieved thanks to the role of Harlequin in Pinocchiothe film by Matteo Garrone of 2019.

Claudio Gaetani struck down by a heart attack in London

Civitanova, he was also president of the Anpi as well as teacher of the Laboratory of cinematographic language at the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the University of Macerata.

According to the first reconstructions made known by, Gaetani was probably crushed by a heart attack while he was walking down the street. He was in the English capital with his girlfriend Tasha Vulgara to whom he had been romantically linked for several years.

Claudio Gaetani’s career between cinema, teaching and writing

Actor, director, university teacher and photographer, Gaetani was a multifaceted and eclectic artist. In addition to acting, he also tried his hand at writing: he collaborated for various magazines such as “Cinema e storia” and “Cinecritica”. In 2006 he published his first writing, Il cinema e la Shoah (The hands) which was followed by Germany / Israel – Images from a memory divided in two.

He directed the work Homeward Bound – On the way home, released in 2016. In 2019 he played the role of Arlecchino in Garrone’s Pinocchio, a film that won five categories for the David di Donatello and 2 Oscar nominations.

In 2020 he lost his mother, Annita Pantanetti, taking his place as leader of the Anpi of Civitanova. She leaves the lawyer father Roberto Gaetani and his girlfriend Tasha.

The memory of friends

Many, in these hours, the social tributes for Gaetani. His friend also remembered it Michele Fofi, one of the creators of the Civitanova Film Festival: “Claudio was a great person to whom life smiled. Good professional and serious, a man of great culture and sensitivity. He really had the means, he had built himself. With the last show he had really given importance to what he was ”.

Also Marsilio Marsili, member of the Anpi board of Civitanova, commemorated the actor: “Sudden death of ANPI President Claudio Gaetani. It is a grave mourning for the true democrats, respectful of the intimate meaning of the Republican Constitution, the death of the president of the ANPI of Civitanova Marche who fully represented her for her commitment and for her belonging to a family of fighters for freedom and democracy”.

“This loss seems incredible – added Marsili -, after having recently lost Annita Pantanetti, Claudio’s mother and daughter of the Partisan Commander, and having asked Claudio to continue Annita’s tenacious work for the defense of the Constitution; so tenacious that she hastened to every happy event for the birth of a baby girl or child she might meet, to deliver a precious document to the family for the new arrival: a copy of the Constitution as a very high trace for true Democracy! “.

“Hi Claudio, hi Annita; however your commitment cannot be forgotten ”, concluded Marsili.


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