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George VI coined the term ‘firm’ for the monarchy. Her daughter Elizabeth II in her 70-year reign used a skillful administrator’s flair to manage the royal institution, navigating thoughtful decisions and public relations. Today, according to Forbes estimates, the British monarchy as a whole is worth $ 88 billion. The queen personally owned a small fraction of it: $ 447 million, which should go to her family. For weeks, however, the English tabloids have been unleashed around the inheritance, assuming that from that immense value those who will not see even a penny will be the rebel Harry, who arrived last night at Balmoral, when Buckingham Palace had spread the news of the death of the queen for an hour and a half. He left first this morning, shortly after 8: the photos show him dark in the face, without any close relatives, closed in his mourning in perfect solitude.
According to the Star and International Business Time, which launched the news of the mystery of Elisabetta’s will, last August the sovereign would have changed her last wishes by deleting the second son of Charles and Lady Diana from any benefit. An unconfirmed indiscretion according to which the two great-grandchildren would also remain out of the will: Lilibeth Diana, born in 2021 and named in honor of the queen, and the eldest son Archie, who is three years old. It was not only the choice of the Dukes of Sussex two years ago to resign as ‘senior members’ of the royal family. But also other behaviors considered hostile by the Royal Family, starting with the sensational interview that Harry and Meghan gave exclusively to Oprah Winfrey for a sort of revenge – she said to herself – against her family members.
Now, even if Harry gets knocked out of Elizabeth II’s will, he certainly can’t be considered broke: when Princess Diana died in 1997, his money was split equally between the two children. Five years later, when the Queen Mother later passed away, the prince inherited a much larger portion of the fortune of 14 million pounds (27 million dollars) than his older brother William, as popular periodicals explained: “The reason was very sweet. , as William is second in line to the throne, Queen Elizabeth’s mother wanted to protect Harry’s financial future. “
However, if the queen had really excluded Harry from the inheritance, in addition to the pain of such a strong choice, the grandson would be cut off from possessions of considerable importance.
According to Forbes, Elizabeth’s personal fortune is $ 85 million received by the Queen Mother and $ 12 million from her consort Prince Philip upon her death. Then, much of the income that came from the Crown Estate. Also at stake are the famous 300 jewels owned by the queen.
Precious that the press rumors say will go only to the wife of Prince William, Kate Middleton, and the beloved great granddaughter Charlotte. Of all those fairytale rubies, diamonds, pearls and golds, Lilibeth and Meghan should have nothing. Who knows.
Unofficial Sussex spokesperson Omid Scobie today confirmed that Harry “will obviously remain in the UK during this mourning period”. But it is not known if Meghan will stay next to her husband, nor if she will take part in her funeral.