Live stroke for TV host Julie Chin.  "I lost sight in one eye, the words did not reach"

Live stroke for TV host Julie Chin. “I lost sight in one eye, the words did not reach”

He had a stroke live while he was running the news. And now the journalist tells everything on social media and returns to scare the followers. “If you were watching the news on Saturday morning, you know how desperately I tried to carry on the broadcast, but the words did not arrive.” So Julie Chin, host of KJRH-TV in Tulsa, Oklahoma (affiliated with NBC), told on her social media the episode that she happened to her while she was trying to read the news.

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Stroke live for the TV presenter Julie Chin

Julie Chin started losing sight in one eye, then her hand and arm went numb. And then she suddenly found herself unable to speak, during the presentation of a report on the delayed launch of NASA’s Artemis-I rocket, she could not even read the hunchback. These were the first signs of a stroke that her colleagues fortunately immediately recognized her and managed to save her.

What happened

Julie Chin was on the air on Saturday, September 3, as usual. At the beginning of the day she was fine, but then the first signs that something was wrong and she quickly realized that something was happening. In the images of her, which immediately went viral on Twitter, you can see how her face begins to deform on live television and the woman finds it increasingly difficult to speak. Realizing the problem, the coduttress, she does not lose her temper and immediately switches the line to the weather to have the shot of her detach from her face and receive help. And in the following days, on September 3 (the day in which the fact of her happened) she in a post on Facebook she told the sensations experienced.

The post

“The episode seems to have come out of nowhere.” After the stroke, she was hospitalized, where doctors confirmed the diagnosis. She is fine now, but she will have to undergo further checks. “I am grateful to the rescuers and doctors who shared their skills, their hearts and their smiles with me. My family, friends and colleagues from KJRH also showered me with love, ”said the journalist.

The reporter explained that she lost some of the sight from one of her eyes before her arm and hand went numb and she couldn’t say the words as they appeared in front of her on the hunchback. She eventually decided to leave the service and quickly switch the line to the weather.

Speaking on the Today program, Julie Chin revealed that she also tried to send a message to her husband during those moments of terror, trying to let him know that he needed help. But when she reread it later, she was horrified to find that she couldn’t even type the words correctly. «I need help», she began the text message, but then the difficulty in typing was felt and the message lost its meaning: «Something is not running today. My job will not work my help is working my ». Now the woman has recovered, but she will still have to remain under observation for a few days before being able to return to her work, in front of the camera.

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