Federica Pellegrini reveals the furious phone call to Matteo Giunta: "But do you care?"

Federica Pellegrini reveals the furious phone call to Matteo Giunta: “But do you care?”

Federica Pellegrini and betrayal, so many wounds on her skin: “I was burned, I suffered infidelity quite systematically. But I betrayed too, I can’t say no… “.

After the farewell to swimming pools and a career that has consigned her to the history of Italian sport, consecrating her as the Divine of blue swimming, Federica Pellegrini he is exploring his new life, taking it in large strokes as he did when he won Olympic and world gold medals. The farewell to competition coincided last year with the official revelation of the love story with his coach Matteo Giuntawith whom the champion got married on August 27th.

After having walked the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival earlier this week, the couple is now on their honeymoon in the Marche, enjoying the long queue of this endless summer. “After the retreat, I started doing three thousand things, I didn’t go home to look at the ceiling – explains Pellegrini to Corriere della Sera – Deciding to stop doing what you’ve been doing for twenty years hasn’t been easy, because when you’re in the water you feel a bit like God, a bit like a super hero. However, I suffered a hard Covid, I never recovered one hundred percent and, for a year already, the body was telling me to stop. If I had moved on, I would not have performed as before and I would not have forgiven myself“.

Federica dreamed of the story of life, she would not be satisfied with anything else: “In my head, the white wedding dress has always been there. However, as you grow up, you also understand that it may not come. At one point, I told myself that if I didn’t find the right person, the one of ‘forever’, I wouldn’t be hurt.“. Then about ten years ago Matteo Giunta entered his life and proved to be the right person:”For two years he was my athletic trainer, then he became the actual coach and, for the last four years, we have been together, we have lived together. He is my opposite, I am instinctive and he is reflective, we fit together well. Whether in sport or in life, he knows how to defuse me. I trigger, he defuses“.

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Since it is absolutely impossible to argue with him – explains Federica – I occasionally trigger because, physiologically, I need to fight: it’s good, you vent, reset, start over. I got into some arguments over unbelievable bullshit, only to lock him in a corner and see his reaction. The stupidest I’ve done? I was in Formentera with friends. He didn’t call me a lot, he wasn’t worried, he wasn’t jealous. I planted a mess. I yelled: do you care what I’m doing? And he: I’m leaving you calm because you are with friends“.

Here Pellegrini opens the jealousy chapter: “I’m not used to non-jealous people. I am, a little bit by nature and a little bit because my past stories led me to be on the lookout for boys’ favorite sport: betrayal. I was burned, I suffered infidelity quite systematically: to trust totally is difficult. Sometimes, those fears come back and are felt. After discovering the betrayal, I left, forgave, released and forgave. Then, after falling in love, I realized that forgiving was wrong“.

The Venetian champion, however she admits she wasn’t a saint either …I cheated, I can’t say no, but I cheated only when the story was over shortly thereafter. Systematic cheating is different. I do not conceive of those who betray for sport. In fact, I am not one that makes you jealous: you can see that I have no crickets in my head; I’m not a flirt. Am I jealous of Matteo now? Every now and then I make him a scene, but I don’t live with constant doubt. If I have any doubt, I go into his phone. I know all the codes. Matteo knows I have them. And he doesn’t change them: if not, he means that he has something to hide. However, I don’t go into his phone every day“.

In Pellegrini’s words, a very strong love is perceived: “That Matteo is very beautiful is secondary. He is very interesting and intelligent: with him you can discuss everything, politics, movies, training methodology and athletic preparation of any sport and you always find him prepared. Then we share a wild soul: we live in costume, barefoot, with wet hair, we take, we leave. We had also thought about getting married on the beach, with the final swim, but tradition prevailed. And he is the right man also because he has accepted to plan his life with me on the basis of four dogs: something not to be taken for granted …“.

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