From the Corgi to the nickname of her husband Philip: ten curiosities about Queen Elizabeth II

From the Corgi to the nickname of her husband Philip: ten curiosities about Queen Elizabeth II

Death of Queen Elizabeth II

From a passion for Corgi to the past in the army as a mechanic: there are many things you probably don’t know about Queen Elizabeth.

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Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-lived ruler in UK history, wasn’t much of a talker. During her reign he only gave one interview, and she never liked to show off, thus leaving zero room for gossip. Yet some curiosities about ‘Her Majesty‘have leaked the same: let’s see which ones.

Passion for Corgi

We cannot fail to start with his beloved animals, i Corgi. In the course of her life, Elizabeth II has owned about thirty: the first, Susan, was a gift from her father when she was just eighteen. Since then she has always owned many of her own: it is said that even her dogs had a private chef, who only had to take care of their meals. And a huge room available, in which they slept in wicker baskets.

Prince Philip called it ‘cabbage’

Which in Italian translates as ‘cabbage’. It is not known how this nickname was born: some have speculated that it came from the French ‘mon petit chou ‘, a way of saying ‘my dear’. Following the literal translation, ‘chou’ becomes ‘cabbage’. But neither Elizabeth nor Philip have ever said a word about this nickname.

Charles III is the new King, Camilla Parker Bowles will be Queen consort as Elizabeth II wanted

She joined the army as a mechanic

Queen Elizabeth was the first woman of the royal family to join the army. In 1945 you joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service, you became a mechanic and repaired the vehicles of the armed forces.

It is in the Guinness Book of Records

It is part of the Guinness Book of Records. She is the longest-lived sovereign in the history of the United Kingdom, but she is also the one whose face appears on the largest number of banknotes of countries in the world: thirty-five.

He had no passport or driving license

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth drove without a license and traveled without a passport? This is because documents in the UK are issued in the Queen’s name, so it wouldn’t make sense to release it in her own name.

He was celebrating two birthdays

Queen Elizabeth’s date of birth is April 21, 1926, but her birthday was also celebrated during the ‘Trooping the Color’ parade, when the weather conditions are better.

Her tiara broke at the wedding

On her wedding day Elizabeth II wore a tiara that belonged to her grandmother Mary and made for her in 1919. While the hairdresser was attaching the veil to the chaplet, this broke. Two hours before the wedding.

The cameo in the commercial with James Bond

On the occasion of the London 2012 Olympic Games, Elizabeth shot a commercial with Daniel ‘James Bond’ Craig. The Queen appeared in a cameo with the actor in which she was escorted to the helicopter, and according to Craig she would give him a joke too. “We were having our pictures taken and she said, ‘Oh no, he’s the one who never smiles. Very good,'” the actor said in an interview.

The real animals

In the UK, all swans and dolphins belong to the Queen. It is a tradition dating back to the 12th century, when the royal family used these animals as dishes at banquets and parties. Apart from these, whales and sturgeons are also considered real animals.

The secret of the handbag

Have you ever seen Her Majesty without her handbag? We tell you: no. Not just because Elizabeth II he had a real passion for this accessory, but also because it was a very useful means of communication. Her staff knew that if the Queen put her purse on the table, she meant that in five minutes she would have to leave. If the handbag instead it was placed on the floor, it was a sign that the conversation should be concluded immediately.

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