Polimanti (PassioneInter): “Lazaro?  Al Toro can relaunch with someone like Juric "

Polimanti (PassioneInter): “Lazaro? Al Toro can relaunch with someone like Juric “

In view of the Inter-Torino match scheduled for Saturday at 6pm, we had a chat with those who know the Nerazzurri environment well

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Tomorrow, Saturday 10 September at 6 pm, Ivan Juric’s Torino will visit Simone Inzaghi’s Inter. It will certainly not be an easy match and one that will test the level of the grenade against another great in the league. To learn more about the state of form of the Nerazzurri and the latest news on this team, Toro News had a chat with Lorenzo Polimanti from PassionInter and who has been able to provide us with several interesting ideas about this game.

Hello Lorenzo, in what physical conditions are Inter going to this match? And from a mental point of view? In the last week there have been two heavy losses to digest against Milan and Bayern Munich.

“This was a very difficult week, the physical condition is not optimal but what worries above all is the head. The defeat in the derby came in a well-deserved way on the pitch and this demoralized the environment. Even against Bayern some important players did. they are a bit hidden and now you can see a bit of nervousness. We would need a spark to unlock. Three defeats in six matches is not exactly the performance we expect from Inter. “

Is this Inter just experiencing a phase of temporary downturn or are there deeper problems and the team risks going through an entire complicated season?

“For my part, there is the belief that they are still a strong team. There are gaps in the squad but there are also more alternatives. I don’t want to believe that this team has returned to pre-Conte levels. The Barella and the Brozovic are not those. seen in this start of the season. The problem can be mental because I see in this team what we saw in the 7-point phase in 7 games. A reaction is expected and yesterday there was a chat between management, staff and players and now we expect a change of pace “.

It will also be an opportunity to see the confrontation between Inzaghi and Juric (even if the deputy Paro will still be on the bench in his place). Is it correct to say that they are two coaches who play with a similar form but with very different principles?

“Yes, I agree. Inter have also changed their game on the outside because Perisic is no longer there and now with Dumfries and Gosens or Darmian they can change the areas of the pitch in which they build the game. Mkhitaryan can help in this sense to go more vertically. This year we have occasionally seen an Inter Milan with a lower center of gravity and trying to verticalize immediately. ”

The transfer market gave Turin two players who know the Inter milieu well, Lazaro and Karamoh. What can Toro fans expect from them? Are they two players who can be useful?

“Lazaro was a bit of a mysterious object for Inter, even though he was paid a lot. He made a long series of loans and at Benfica he also did quite well, gaining more defensive characteristics. In my opinion in the hands of Juric , who is a great enhancer, can relaunch himself. Karamoh, on the other hand, has important qualities, he has a good shot and jumps the man creating numerical superiority. He has not yet made that qualitative leap that was expected when he arrived at Inter but he is an interesting player “.

In the summer there was much talk of Bremer’s arrival at Inter with the young Casadei who could have done the opposite. Now it’s too early to make judgments and the season has just begun but could it have been a useful arrival for this team given the defensive difficulties?

“It would certainly have served. Inter’s plan was clear, we expected a very high offer from PSG for Skriniar to then go decisively on Bremer. In terms of supporters, don’t lose a key element as Skriniar can go well, but at the level Bremer planning would have helped because he can grow a lot and has those characteristics that are lacking in Inter today. “

Which are those two or three Inter players that a Toro fan should fear most for this match?

“There are many ballots for this challenge after the match against Bayern Munich. The most dangerous man is still Lautaro Martinez and he is called to become the attacking terminal and the most dangerous man. On a personal level I expect a lot from Barella who is He was excluded from the Champions League and a great match is expected thanks to his desire for revenge. I also say that Mkhitaryan can be a surprise name and I am seeing good things from him. “

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