Many will no longer be able to access Whatsapp: here are the reasons - PASSIONEtecnologica.IT

Many will no longer be able to access Whatsapp: here are the reasons – PASSIONEtecnologica.IT

Starting in October they arrive interesting news about Whatsapp. New features will be available that will allow us to facilitate our group interactions and more privacy.

But these updates for many old fashionslli they will not allow access to the app.

Goodbye unwanted groups

Finally we could escape this year from the mega New Year’s WhatsApp groups, where everyone asks what we do on New Year’s Eve? Or groups to organize gifts for people we don’t even know soon. Farewell to treason insertionsthis time they can’t frame us.

We should no longer be absorbing 100,000 notifications from 10 different groups. Bombardments of useless messages, images, memes and stickers until our phone memory explodes.

We thank the holy programmers. With the new application updates, we will finally be able to have control over our entry into the groups and choose who can add us.

It will be enough to change the application settings and thus allow only our contacts, therefore the people we know and whose phone number we already have, to add us to a new group.

The steps to follow are simple:

  • Access the Settings application.
  • Click on Account and then on Privacy.
  • Then click on the item Groupsyou can now decide who can add you to new groups
  • Choose the option: “All” (even those we don’t know, as long as they have our number), “My contacts“(Or the people whose number we have stored in the phone book) and finally”My contacts except …”(If we want to prevent a person we know from adding us to a group).

In addition, just to make a statue of programmers, there is the possibility of leave a group discreetly, without the other participants receiving a notification of our abandonment (as was the case until now). This means that we can leave it without anyone noticing, as true ghosting professionals.

Choose who can view your last login

How many times have you happened to say goodnight to your partner and the moment you enter WhatsApp receive the annoying message “Then you are still awake“.

So far we could have escaped it by hiding our last access from everyone. Now we can choose who can view our last login or notwithout having to hide from everyone, only from those who annoy us the most.

Among the latest updates arriving on WhatsApp, there is also the possibility of hiding the information relating to the last access to those who are not among our contacts in the address book or only to some of our contacts, continuing to make it visible for others.

Just follow these 3 easy steps:

  • Go to the section Privacy of the Settings
  • Click on Last Access
  • Select the option: “Allthe“(Everyone will know when you last logged in),”My contacts“(Only those saved in your address book will be able to view your last accessed one),”My contacts except …(you can select the people you don’t want us to know your last login), “Nobody“(No one will know your last login).

No updates coming for these models

There are those who will not be able to receive these fabulous updates. The iOS operating system is the backslider.

The models iPhone 4, 5 and 5s will not be able to access the latest version of Whatsapp. For versions 10 and 11 of the operating system, updates will no longer be available, but you will need to have iOS 12 or later on your mobile phone to continue using the application. You need to update your iPhone through the Settings of the device.

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