Holiday apartment: 10 things that should not be missing

Holiday apartment: 10 things that should not be missing

Having a property and using it as a holiday apartment is the dream in the drawer of many. Similarly, those who are traveling, for pleasure or work, it is obvious that they always look for an environment that is as comfortable as possible. That’s why there are things that should never be missing from a vacation rental. Let’s find out what they are!

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Holiday apartment: 10 things that should not be missing

When we decide to use our home as holiday apartment and to become, therefore, a host, it is natural to have to interface with a series of issues of fundamental importance. Apart from the purely bureaucratic ones, it is essential choose very carefully all the accessories and items to leave in the apartment in the total availability of our guests.

In fact, there are several things that they expect to find inside the house they have decided to rent for their holidays. Others, then, could be objects that have not been thought of but that they can become indispensable in case of need (for example if there is a power failure or if a light bulb burns out). Let’s start together to discover 10 things that should not be missing in the holiday apartment.

Holiday apartment: 10 things that should not be missing

1. Air conditioner or fan

Holiday apartment: 10 things that should not be missing

The temperature inside a room is one of the factors that more than any other contributes to defining its comfort. That is why it is important to be able to guarantee the possibility of set the best temperatures inside the holiday apartmentboth in winter and on hot summer days.

Here because fan and air conditioner they enter fully among the 10 things that absolutely cannot be missing. For the winter season, in which it will be necessary to heat the rooms, it is good to provide an air conditioner equipped with heat pump. Alternatively, you can install one or more stoves inside the apartment in order to allow our guests to experience their stay in the best possible conditions.

2. Emergency lights

Holiday apartment: 10 things that should not be missing

Have you ever found yourself in a holiday apartment and find yourself a victim of one power failure. In these cases, you remain completely in the dark and it becomes very difficult to find your way around. If at home, in fact, we are aware of the spaces and we could, therefore, be able to move from one environment to another, this is not true for a room or a house to which we are not at all used.

This is why among the things that must not be missing, it deserves a place of honor emergency light. A choice much loved by guests who will thus be able to feel truly pampered in all respects. The costs of an emergency light that lights up in the event of a blackout are really ridiculous: on the market we will find models available starting from approx 10 euros.

3. Electric kettle

Holiday apartment: 10 things that should not be missing

The kettle is one of the appliances that must never be missing in a holiday apartment. Appreciated in particular by foreign tourists, it is very useful for the preparation of good tea, for heating water or for preparing baby food. And all of it in a much shorter time compared to what would happen, however, with the classic stove.

The market offers one amazing range of kettles to choose from. It starts from the simplest model to the functional one: the choice will be made exclusively on the basis of your personal tastes. Again, prices start from very low figures (about fifteen euros).

4. Adapter for electrical plugs

Holiday apartment: 10 things that should not be missing

A holiday apartment it is designed to welcome tourists from all over the world. That is why we will absolutely have to foresee the purchase of different adapters that can adapt our power sockets to devices from various countries. Also in this case, with a minimum expense, just over 10 euros in most cases, we will make sure that our guests can always use their objects without particular problems.

It is also one safety issue: no one will try to force the power sockets or use them incorrectly and highly dangerous, both for their own safety and for that of the apartment.

5. First aid kit

Holiday apartment: 10 things that should not be missing

We all hope that there is never a need but foresee the presence of one first aid case among the things that cannot be missing in a holiday apartment is critical. It can happen, in fact, to cut oneself, get hurt, sprain an ankle, have a fever. Therefore, the presence of ointments, thermometer, hydrogen peroxide, disinfectants, gauze, plasters and the like is essential.

The first aid kit must always be located in an easily accessible area of the house (almost always in the bathroom) and its location must be communicated to guests upon their arrival. The cost? It hovers around the 25 euros.

6. Fire extinguisher

Holiday apartment: 10 things that should not be missing

To ensure i right levels of security in a holiday apartment, it is essential to foresee the presence, among the various objects left available to guests, also of one or more fire extinguishers.

In the event that a fire breaks out or problems of this type occur, it will be essential to have it on hand. We remind you that, even in this case, the placement must be done in advance communicated to guests and that is indispensable check the expiration dates and regularly maintain all the fire extinguishers present.

7. Iron

Holiday apartment: 10 things that should not be missing

In a holiday apartment the iron it is undoubtedly one of those things that absolutely cannot be missing. This is especially true if our guests are businessmen and need to leave the house with perfectly ironed clothes and without even a crease.

At the same time, however, if the iron is essential, it is not essential to think of particularly large, heavy and bulky ironing boards. A practical solution could be represented by special sheets that, once placed on the table, they are able to transform them into perfect surfaces for ironing the small items that you have in the trolley. Practicality, comfort and safety at the highest levels! Costs? With a thirty euros we will take home both the iron and the towel.

8. DVDs and entertainment items

Holiday apartment: 10 things that should not be missing

Especially when theholiday apartment is occupied by a family with children, it is essential to leave it available to guests board games, books, DVDs and everything you need for fun and relaxation even indoors. The game console they are the most popular even if even the board games or those of cards are highly appreciated by both adults and children.

In this case the expenditure to be incurred will greatly depend on the type of entertainment that you want to leave available to guests. With around sixty euros, however, you can already get off to a great start!

9. Replacement bulbs

Holiday apartment: 10 things that should not be missing

What if the light bulb suddenly goes out? What’s now? It is essential to replace it and this also applies to ours holiday apartment. We never think about it but it is essential to foresee some replacement bulbs which are obviously compatible with the entrances provided in the various rooms.

To ensure an advantage in terms of both energy saving and yield, it is advisable to opt for light bulbs LED. The cost to bear? Approximately equal to about ten euros for each unit.

10. Wi-Fi extender

Holiday apartment: 10 things that should not be missing

At this point we live practically connected 24 hours a day. We just can’t give up on connecting and this also applies to the guests of our holiday apartment. This is why it is essential to think about installing one fully functional Wi-Fi network and, possibly, fast. To get the signal, with the right power, to every corner of the apartment (especially if this is large) it is advisable to use a Wi-Fi Extender which, as the name implies, has the task of extend the wireless signal and make it reach everywhere. An excellent purchase at a very low price: approx 10 euros.

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Even the holiday apartment, as if it were our home, needs all the comforts. That’s why there are some things that absolutely cannot be missing. Did you take note? In our photogallery you can refresh your ideas.

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