Physiotherapists. The new Order for 70 thousand professionals is born: Minister Speranza signed the founding decree today

The announcement of the Minister of Health during the Aifi conference on World Physiotherapy Day: “It is a recognition of the important role of this health profession”. Until now, physiotherapists were represented in a national register within the maxi Order of Tsrm-Pstrp together with all the other health professions. Ferrante (Register of physiotherapists): “It is a strong thing, which generations of physiotherapists have wanted”. Calandra (Tsrm-Pstrp): “Let’s not lose the ability to be together”. Comments from politicians. THE DECREE


“I signed the decree establishing the Order of Physiotherapists. It is a recognition of the important role of this healthcare profession. On the World Day of Physiotherapy we must increasingly value every woman and every man of the NHS, our most precious asset “. This was announced today by the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza.

Up to now the approximately 70 thousand Istalian physiotherapists were represented in a national register within the maxi Order of the Tsrm-Pstrp together with all the other health professions.

“This is an important result, the result of work that began long ago and that we can now formalize after the opinion of the Council of State”, said Minister Speranza who added: “You were already an important piece of the national health system before and today you are even more so. We are in an exceptional time, we need to invest more in the women and men of our NHS. We have managed to increase resources but this is only a starting point. We must keep the level of spending on health at 7% of GDP. The staff game is the decisive one: we have to overcome closed silos and spending ceilings ”.

The comment of the president of the national register. “It is a strong thing, which generations of physiotherapists have wanted. There have been some colleagues who have hoped for this moment. They cannot help but think of one in particular, of which I will not mention but we all know who I am talking about. if he were here, he would do the ola much more than all of us. But we are also here for him and this path has seen its outcome also for what has been done “, the first comment on the announcement of the minister by the president of the Commission National Register of Physiotherapists, Piero Ferrante.

“I can’t help but think of the men and women, colleagues and physiotherapists – he added – who interact every day and in this way see their identity, their home, their family more clearly”.

“This is not the year zero – underlined Ferrante – because we physiotherapists enter families and their sufferings, we try to make ourselves healthy carriers of the suffering of families. In this way it will certainly be easier to perfect, therefore not the year. zero, but the year one “.

“I am pleased to refer to the words of the minister – he pointed out – it is a beginning, it is not a goal and on this I am perfectly in agreement with him”.

“It is a new beginning that we accept with pleasure – he continued – because the Order is a place of recognition, comparison but also of sharing and collaboration between all the health professions and only when we are ready to develop one hundred percent our organizational machine, we will be able to be more attentive, more careful, more effective and more efficient by relating to all the health professions, first and foremost those we have been part of and thank. “

“Why the Order of Physiotherapists? First of all – continued Ferrante – to be able to say ‘present’ in the first person to the changed conditions of the citizen, then to be able to fully face the challenges that the PNRR is putting before us, to be able to be more effective, where possible, in fine-tuning our professional life which often intersects with our professional life “.

“The Order of Physiotherapists is a goal but it is a wonderful beginning, it is something that will accompany us and that will support us not only at the central level but, where possible, even more at the peripheral level, where it will be possible to intercept the needs of citizens and of the various regional health realities at the local level and be efficient and effective. I like to close – he then said – by quoting the minister’s sentence: all our activity, first human and then professional, is shaped around that wonderful article 32 of the Constitution Italian”.

“Thanks to the institutions that have been close to us, to the politicians I ‘stalkerized’, thanks to my colleagues from the National Commission, to the territories, to all the 68,000 professionals who today see a new beginning in their professional life reached. And thanks to the minister and to the Ministry of Health, who have never made us feel alone “, he concluded.

The comment of the President of the FNO Tsrm-Pstrp. “Today is an important moment for Physiotherapists, who in addition to celebrating their World Day, in Italy celebrate the signing of the decree for the establishment of the Orders and the related Federation of the health profession of Physiotherapist”, said the president. Teresa Calandra.

“The decree – he added – does not change the substance of the institutional representation of Physiotherapists: in fact, since 2018, like the other 18 professions, two of which have already been previously ordained, they have found in the Boards of Directors and in the Boards of Orders, in the Central Committee and in the National Register Commissions of the relative National Federation of TSRM and PSTRP their institutional and professional representation “.

“What changes is that now they will be able to express it in a non-mediated way, without ever having to deal with the demands of other professions first, and this may not be the most useful, even if legitimate, modality; being together is difficult, but if we compare ourselves in a constructive way – he stressed again – the best results are obtained, because these are the demanding, sometimes forced synthesis of more stories, more visions, more sensitivity, more skills , more experiences “.

“In these few years, we are confident that we have also transferred to physiotherapists the value of the renunciation of corporate claims in favor of plural and systemic interests, the basis on which the radiology technicians, as the result of their decades of institutional experience, have built their philosophy, the one that made it possible to give legs to the law 3/2018 and to realize what then became the Maxi Order, which in practice became concrete in what were the former TSRM Colleges ”, said Calandra.

Comments from political forces. “A new Order also assumes importance in relation to the public administration and the State: it is an element of active surveillance with respect to the quality and professionalism of its members. We must not forget professional illegal activity: in this way we give more guarantees to patients. On the other hand, research paths and greater professionalization can be imagined ”explains the former Minister of Health Beatrice Lorenzin.

“We need to focus on the patient with his needs and problems. One, for example, is that of being too far from the structures. Precisely for this reason I have also presented a bill on the community physiotherapist ”said the senator Paola BoldriniPd, dem group leader in the Senate Health Committee.

“The figure of the physiotherapist must be fully included in the reform of the territorial health system. We must give due recognition to all those professionals who have been close to citizens during the pandemic, demonstrating how fundamental their work is “, explained the president of the Health Commission. Annamaria Parente.

08 September 2022
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