Mertens in the stands in Naples displaces the Galatasaray fans: "But you didn't have training?"

Mertens in the stands in Naples displaces the Galatasaray fans: “But you didn’t have training?”

The images of Dries Mertens at Maradona for Napoli-Liverpool also arrived in Turkey: not all Galatasaray fans understand his presence in the stadium that made him great. But it was all calculated.

Dries Mertens to Naples to see the first of the Azzurri in the Champions League against Liverpool. A memorable night for Spalletti’s team capable of beating the Reds 4-1. The presence of the Belgian in the stands of the ‘Maradona’ has certainly not gone unnoticed. Alongside his wife Kate, Mertens showed up at the ‘Maradona’ wearing the number ten shirt of the Pipe de Oro. The former striker of the Neapolitans sang, chanted the name of Simeone immediately after the third goal of Cholito and had fun experiencing all the emotions of a magical evening experienced by Naples and all the Neapolitan people. At the end of the match Mertens also went down to the locker room to celebrate Napoli’s victory together with his former teammates, taking the opportunity to greet all the blue staff.

The Belgian switched to Galatasaray at the end of an exhausting summer. His contract which expired on June 30 was not renewed as an agreement with the company had not been found. After a long period of silence, she then greeted Naples and its fans with a video that went around the world. Yesterday evening she proved once again his deep attachment to that shirt and those colors that for him now represent a second skin. Nothing to complain then, were it not for some small grumbling from some Galatasaray fans who did not fully appreciate his presence at the ‘Maradona’.

“Is there no training today?” someone asks commenting on the photo of Mertens in the stands of the ‘Maradona’. Others increase the dose on social networks: “But you don’t have training tomorrow.” The answer is simple, just take a look at the official website of Galatasaray to realize that the Turkish team trained on Tuesday before the ‘break the lines’ imposed by the company: “The Galatasaray team will continue their preparations for the game in Kasımpaşa, with the training that it will be held on Thursday 8 September at 5.30 pm. At that point Mertens was free to move to Naples and then return this morning before joining the team group for this afternoon’s session.

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Mertens shouts Simeone's name from the Maradona stands after Cholito's third goal.

Mertens shouts Simeone’s name from the Maradona stands after Cholito’s third goal.

“It hurts my heart that our player shows love in a different place” meanwhile another fan writes seeing Mertens’ smile during the Napoli match. Yes, because several opposing fans of Galatasaray have also made fun of the Belgian’s presence at the ‘Maradona’ claiming that he is the only one of the Turkish team to see the cups this year (the club is in fact out of any competition for this season ed).

The fact is that Mertens travels to Naples however, they had been billed by the company that in the contractual agreements signed with the Belgian he would also have provided for him and his family a private driver and thirty flights to return to Naples, a city to which he is now very close after spending nine seasons in the shadow of Vesuvius. He and his wife in fact wanted to keep the house in Palazzo Donn’Anna in the neighborhood of Posillipo.

The images of Mertens in Naples have, however, passed relatively undetected in Turkey also due to the sumptuous market made by the company in the last hours. While the Belgian was at the ‘Maradona’ to support Osimhen and his teammates, the Turkish club welcomed players of the caliber of Mauro Icardi, Demir, Juan Mata, Rashica and Mathias Ross Jensen. They have practically remade a team in the last two useful days foreseen in the transfer window. The market in Turkey will in fact officially close today and Galatasaray has given a clear signal not to experience another disappointing season like the one in the past.

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