Pellets, why does it cost so much?  How to defend yourself from scams

Pellets, why does it cost so much? How to defend yourself from scams

The energy emergency is making domestic heating more and more expensive. Everything increases, and pellets are no exception. But why does this fuel cost nearly three times as much as it did a year ago? And what should you pay attention to when buying pellets online?

The pellets, an ecological fuel made from wood waste which also had the advantage of being economical. He had, because within a few months his cost has soared. If a year ago a 15 kg bag of pellets it could be found for around € 5, today the price has practically tripled. But how did this situation come about? And how can they be avoided scams that are happening in the online pellet market?

Pellet costs, the reasons for the price increases

Let’s start with a fact: in Italy pellets are produced, but in sufficient measure to supply the market for just 15% of the national requirement. For this reason, considerable recourse must be made to imports.

And this is where the Russian invasion of Ukraine thunders out. Russia is a large producer of waste wood which is then purchased by European countries such as Austria and Germany to produce pellets.

Since the European Union introduced the sanctions that blocked the imports of timber from both Russia and Belarus, prices have risen sharply and, as a result, few bags have arrived at the final retailers.

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The problem was also exacerbated by some Eastern European nations such as Bosnia, Serbia and Hungary, which preferred to allocate the production of pellets to domestic needs rather than to exports.

And not only that: the other concomitant factors were, in addition to the increase in demand that could not find a counterpart in production, also the increase in the cost of transport (due to the rise in fuel prices) and raw materials in general.

Those who wisely thought of making the traditional “pre-season” stocks of pellets in the spring were not given an advantage: the increases, unfortunately, had already started.

It is not enough: even the industries have meant that consumers are at a disadvantage in terms of supplying pellets. By necessity, northern European power plants fueled by alternative sources to gas have made massive purchases of pellets. Taking it away, therefore, from families.

And if we add the fact that, to date, the pellet is still a cheaper fuel than methaneand that many were converting their own plants from gas to the precious cylinders of pressed wood dust, there is a clear picture of why the prices of pellets have exploded.

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Some consumers, to save a few euros, have turned to the thriving market of pellets online. Finding, in several cases, either the same prices available from the retailer on the corner, or prices so low as to hide (as has been regularly verified) scams. What can be done to refuel the precious fuel without getting screwed?

Online pellet scams, how can you defend yourself?

The purchase of goods online very often allows you to obtain savings, even considerable, compared to classic “physical” shops. Some platforms now have a consolidated reliability, and can be purchased “with your eyes closed”. However, there are also many small, half-known retailers and, unfortunately, even some scammers.

The biofuels sector is no exception: here too there have been some online scams which led, for example, to the loss of advances paid for the purchase of pallets of pellets.

To buy pellets online you should be aware that:

  • The pellet must be certificate. That is, in the photo of the bag the qualitative category that it can be must be indicated ENplus-A1 (excellent quality, derived from logs and wood residues free of chemical residues), ENplus-A2 (medium quality, composed not only of logs and wood residues, but also of bark and cutting residues), ENplus-B (low quality, for industrial use). Some manufacturers also use certification Pellet Gold. Poor quality pellets certainly cost less, but it is a saving that is paid for in terms of lower calorific value and more residues left in the stove.
  • The site must detail the characteristics of the pellets referred to in point 1, must offer payment methods with secure systems such as Paypal, the payment page must use an encrypted communication protocol (recognizable both by clicking on the padlock before the address, and by the presence of the prefix https🙂
  • They must be reported on the site the company name of the company that sells the biofuel, the VAT number (on the website of the Revenue Agency it is possible to verify that it corresponds to a really existing company) and contacts (telephone number, address)
  • It is essential to make one search online (sites, forums, social networks …) concerning reviews of other users
  • THE excessively low prices are a wake-up call which would suggest to be wary of those who are proposing them (advice applicable to all ecommerce in general)


Whenever possible, prefer to purchase in person, after having viewed the bags. In addition to quality certifications to which we have mentioned above, in fact, it would be better to verify that the individual pellets have one shape as regular and cylindrical as possiblethat the surface is shiny And smoothand that in the bags there is a very small amount of wood dust (the ideal would not even be a speck).

Having ascertained these characteristics, you can proceed with the purchase without worries. This is not always possible with online offers.

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