Stangata dei prezzi dell’energia in autunno: ecco i nuovi costi mostruosi!

Energy price sting in autumn: here are the new monstrous costs!

Expensive gas and electricity bills and stale energy prices in the fall: here are the new monstrous costs according to the first estimates. Because gas and electricity are increasing, the situation in Italy and Europe, the limits of the electricity market, how much we Italians consume and solutions envisaged to contain the increases in methane gas and electricity.

After the holidays, the usual routine begins. Indeed no. The surprise of returning is unwelcome. It is about the increase in tariffs and prices on different sectors. Italians will see increases in food, fuel costs and mortgages, all with a single common denominator: the dear bills.

Between September and November of this year, Codacons has forecast an average annual increase of 711 Euros per household compared to previous years.

The energy costsand they are the ones that really give so much concern: The Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment announced in October that it will update the electricity and gas tariffs. This further worries consumers, who expect price increases.

We expect a 15% increase for light and 20% increase for gas. This means 380 Euro more for electricity e 585 euros for the gas component, comparing the supply data in 2021.

Energy price sting in autumn: here are the new monstrous costs!

The EU plan to avoid stinging: the Price Cap

Energy price sting in autumn: here are the new monstrous costs!

Ursula Von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, made it known from the Bled Forum in Slovenia that an emergency intervention is being studied regarding a reform of the electricity market. It is now a matter of hours, but the EU hopes to reach an agreement on the Price Cap, the ceiling on energy prices.

Although the scenario is that the interruption of gas supplies because of the Russian blackmail, the EU wants to be prepared, trying to diversify suppliers and looking for sources preferably not pro-Russian. Also, it is asking you to reduce the consumption of this energy source to decrease imports.

Furthermore, States are individually studying discounts for families and businesses that have received or will receive very high bills.

The obvious limits of the electricity market

Energy price sting in autumn: here are the new monstrous costs!

Germany is also joining the other Member States, requesting the Price Cap and opening to the proposal of the Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, or decouple the price of electricity from that of gas. You want it anyway take examples from Spain and Portugalwhich despite having put a ceiling on the prices of the two energy sourceshave increased the use of renewable energies.

On the Italian front, on 7 September there will be a meeting between technical staff regarding the Price Cap model proposed by Italy and which the Netherlands has always rejected, as the negotiations are carried out at the virtual title transfer facility market in Amsterdam. Despite this, however, the price of the electricity component is very high and the consequences on the economy are being felt.

As in Italy, activities and companies find themselves very high bills and on the Dutch front the first closures. In Italy, the unknown elections of 25 September 2022 weighs and expects a provision that can help individuals and businesses.

The Dutch market is a reference point for the European gas exchange. Just think that the cost per Megawatt has reached 250 Eurowhile Gazprom announced that the increases could be 60% during the winter, reaching 4 thousand dollars per thousand cubic meters. You risk crazy increases, like nearly $ 400 per megawatt hour.

Why these crazy increases

Energy price sting in autumn: here are the new monstrous costs!

There are several factors that cause energy costs to skyrocket. Before Russian and Ukrainian conflict, there were already several tensions. The Russian invasion was the straw that broke the camel’s back and had the consequence of reducing the flow. The exceptional heat of summer led to a exceptional consumption of raw materials with i air conditioners turned on for a good part of the time, while the Drought made difficult to use for transporting fuels and other goods.

The increases in gas are reflected in the electricity component. For this reason, it is necessary to understand how to release the cost of electricity from gas and if, as far as Italy is concerned, it is possible replace Russian gas by importing from other countriesbut the fear that it is not enough hovers like a ghost.

The problem is simple law of supply and demand: post-Covid pandemic consumption has increased, demand has increased and as a result, prices will rise. The Italian goal is to arrive in November with 80% of available gas stocks, considering that currently with this raw material, 44% of the electricity is produced.

Consumption in Italy

Energy price sting in autumn: here are the new monstrous costs!

During the very cold winter days, the estimates indicate that methane consumption reaches almost 400 cubic meters per day, to reach 70 billion cubic meters per year. And Europe reaches 413 billion cubic meters nodded. Stocks have reached 80% but that will not be enough, as everyone expects a harsh winter.

47% of the electricity in Italy is produced with methanefor this reason they take risks rationingas the Government announced. The remaining slice is divided between 30-35% of production with renewable and fossil sources, or coal. Yet the cost of the energy component in the bill is always the same.

Another factor that increases the price is that the gas is transported by pipelines: from Russia to Tarvisio on the Italian-Slovenian border, from Holland via Germany and Switzerland, from Azerbaijan via Greece to reach Puglia and finally from Libya and Algeria. Only 25% of the gas is delivered to Italy by ships.

Apparently, the only solution to try to stem the problem would be to reduce consumption or at least control it, so as not to have the need for other energy imports. But everyone is already resigned to receiving the autumn sting.

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