Pillows drenched in sweat and stains, how to cool them effectively

Pillows drenched in sweat and stains, how to cool them effectively

Pillows: effectively refresh them from sweat and stains? The remedies are very simple and absolutely natural

Bedroom: natural remedy for pillow bad smell (Photo by Pexels from Pixabay)


Temperatures are still enough high, although we can now consider the summer season to be over. However, during this period the “problem”Pillows soaked in sweat, which our body releases while we sleep. A very nuisance commontherefore, but easily solved. How? We reveal immediately how remove the “sweat problem” from cushions to refresh them effectively and make them always fragrant.

Pillows refreshed effectively: here the natural remedies

fresh and fragrant pillows
Pillows and mattress: with simple ingredients they will always be fragrant and fresh (Photo by congerdesign from Pixabay)

This is an absolutely remedy effective and extremely green. Let’s find out immediately what this marvelous remedy is. Do not exists nothing more beautiful, after a long day of work, than to lie down in bed and find yourself immersed in fresh perfume of cleanliness, of the sheets of course, but also of the cushion. Unfortunately it doesn’t always happen. Actually the remedies natural they are different and of course, as we have already mentioned, they are all absolutely effective.

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First, we can use the bicarbonate sodium. We know well that it is a product of a thousand qualityversatile, which can solve most of our problems: indeed it is great also for the pillows. The use is very easy: enough sprinkle the bicarbonate pillow, leave it to act for a few hours and then remove it using a brush or vacuum cleaner. Bicarbonate, among its thousand properties, is also a famous product capable of eliminating bad smells.

Another effective product is the talcum powder. Absorbs sebum and sweat releasing a fantastic scent. Recall that talcum powder is also a lot used as a substitute for shampoo a drydue to its absorbent capacity and its scent, it is able to remove the “greasy” effect from the hair. Obviously the use is recommended only in cases of “emergency”, it is always recommended not to overdo the uses.

Another very effective product is thevinegar. Also famous for its skills sanitary napkins and anti odor. Just pour some vinegar into a basin of water, immerse a cotton cloth, wring it well before pass it on the pillow. It will be enough to do dry well the pillow to eliminate any bad smell either trace of sweat. Similarly, soap can be used Marseille. The procedure is the same, you just need, of course, substitute with white vinegar the soap of Marseille. To create a fantastic refreshing to vaporize on the pillows, however, we offer you a simple and quick recipe.

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Recipe for making a natural pillow freshener

All you will need is water distilledabout half a liter, two tablespoons of bicarbonate of sodium and between 20 and 30 drops of oil essential of your choice. Once the ingredients are combined and done melt baking soda, just pour it into a bottle e nebulize the pillows. Nothing could be simpler, for a perfect result!

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