Hundreds of millions disappeared but still few complaints against NFT: it promised easy earnings in bitcoin

Hundreds of millions disappeared but still few complaints against NFT: it promised easy earnings in bitcoin

Only a few hundred, out of at least 4800 customers, have reported. Yet despite the money lost, because this is what it is, they certainly did not go to the investigators. A clientele that believed in the proposal of the New Financial Technology, very heterogeneous. There is everything from professionals to small savers, from entrepreneurs with interests abroad to traders and families from all over the country. Many Venetians, therefore also Paduan, but also Lombard, Friulian, Piedmontese and Lazio.


These people paid the money that was converted into bitcoin by the NFT and the company promised and guaranteed with signed contracts, 10% each month, on the sum. For three years everything went smoothly, then the patatrac. And now the three partners of the NFT are unavailable to customers but currently allocated in Dubai while investors are worried about not recovering the capital. We would speak, in total, of an astronomical figure of 250 million euros. But the conditional is a must because it is impossible to confirm this data also because almost no one has declared how much actually paid, except to the taxman, one would say. “There were those who, at the beginning of this story, even presented themselves with liquid money. And there are also those who say they have paid a million ”, we are told by a Venetian family who believed in NFT. “The money was coming, the investment seemed safe. The agent who intercepted us, to us as to everyone else, clearly showed how safe and profitable it was to entrust savings or investments to them. A person we knew well ».

New Financial Technology

Founded about three years ago in Silea, in the Treviso area, New Financial Technology has a registered office in London (in the Soho district) and branches in Dubai. One of the three partners, the lawyer Emanuele Giullini, sent press releases via email and spoke to investors via zoom. He reassures them and invites them not to file a complaint “because this would cause further problems and slowdowns”. Giullini is located in the Emirates. Through a telegram channel, on the other hand, he recently also published a video in which he explains the situation to creditors who for a few months, in addition to no longer receiving money, do not even know where they have ended up, Christian Visentin spoke. He is the one who created the system, software, which generated the monthly revenues of 10% through the comparison and the price differences of bitcoins between exchanges. Buy them at a low price and resell them at a higher price, that’s what it is. The software seems to have worked well until a certain point, December 2021, when it was necessary to intervene for a restructuring of the program. “A job that should have lasted ninety days,” he explains in the video sent at the end of August in the telegram chat of customers, Visentin.


If, as mentioned, the company maintained itself through this mechanism, when the software stopped, in order to continue to pay 10% to customers, it was granted “loans” by online banks. They are loans that the NFT guaranteed with part of the assets it had collected. However, the restructuring Visentin talks about went on for a long time, exceeding ninety days. But at the end of that period, the expected three months, that money was no longer enough to cover the borrowings. Furthermore, a part of these were in bitcoin which however in June collapsed from a value of 43 thousand euros each to 17 thousand and then stabilized at 18 thousand in July. The lawyer Giullini, exactly one month after the crash of the company, proposes a repayment plan and declares, in the document that we show you below: “The company confirms that the first level of software audit will be completed in the current week (the note is dated 5 September 2022 ed). Upon fulfillment of this, the first draft of the repayment plan will be issued “, he assures us. Then, however, he points out that it is better to agree than to seek other ways, such as the judicial one, a concept he had already expressed but which he reiterates here: “In this regard – the lawyer Giullini writes in the note – it is highlighted once again that a dialogue negotiation is the best possible option for customers, unlike judicial actions which, by their very nature, would not have the protection of the customer as the main purpose of the assessment ». The document, as you can see, has Stockholm as its address.

We ask the family who agreed to tell us what happened to them what idea they had about this story and above all about what is happening now: “We have the feeling that there is a large part of the 4800 customers who still trust the NFT, which uses a type of communication that still breaks through. On the other hand, however, the feeling is that many probably do not trust to make a complaint because the money invested may be the result of black gains, non-transparent operations or hidden capital abroad. Among the 4800 there are certainly families like ours, who thought they were earning something by exploiting these new opportunities also because they trusted the person who offered it to them, but the fact that most of them do not want to report to this opportunity, implies that one of the reasons could be precisely that. If the NFT denies that this is a Ponzi system, then we can say that it is its evolution. The former have been paid and the latter remain dry-mouthed, as happened in this case ».


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