Leclerc and Sainz, only one goal for Monza

Leclerc and Sainz, only one goal for Monza

Let’s get to the heart of the week leading up to the Italian GP. Great expectations from the fans for Ferrari and for the drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz who chatted with Carlo Vanzini exclusively for Sky. The whole weekend is live on Sky Sport F1, Sky Sport Uno and in 4K


Charles Leclerc And Carlos Sainz they are ready and trampling for the Italian GP. A race that means a lot, a lot after the tests of Spa And Zandvoort where the leader of the World Cup, Max Verstappen, took off by increasing the gap from a Ferrari that was back to being brilliant and competitive. Leclerc and Sainz in yellowso they introduced themselves to chat with Carlo Vanzini on Sky Sport24with the color that celebrates the Modena of the founder Enzo Ferrari and which will also be present on the single-seaters. A different lookfor a GP that everyone in Maranello hopes to be different and winning compared to the latest releases.

Charles Leclerc: “The beauty of a very strong passion”

“It was incredible to win at Monza in 2019, in the first season in Ferrar., a memory that I will keep forever. We hope to repeat ourselves this year. In 2019 there was incredible support, and it was incredible to see so many people. We feel we are at Ferrari’s house. The fans shout and cheer us on, the beauty is all this passion “.

“We will not give up anything”

“We will not give up anything. In Spa perhaps the situation was more expected, in Holland we were more distant (from Red Bull, ed). Anything can happen in Monza and we hope to win this weekend. “

Red tide… and yellow

“It will be a mix of yellow and red this weekend, but we hope there will be the cheering that we are used to seeing here and also in the rest of the world for Ferrari.”

The goal does not change

“Winning will be difficult but this is the goal and it does not change. Even if it is not exactly the track for our car. But we will give everything and I am sure that with the support of Monza anything can happen”.

Carlos Sainz: “We feel we are in Italy”

“Finally there will be a lot of public also in Monza, you can feel the passion of the people already here with those who came to see us in these first hours in Italy at the Milan store. A moment to live and that is difficult to describe”.

“We will do our best”

Trying to do everything means that after the last few difficult races we tried to understand what went wrong. I am trying everything in Maranello, looking for the details that can give us those extra tenths to be more competitive. Strong and convinced team, we will put the best package on the track “.

At the Zandvoort pit stop

“We are a team, we are more than 90 on the track and more than a thousand in Maranello. Everyone wants the best for Ferrari, there is a lot of passion and responsibility in what we do. In Zandvoort we made a mistake, I was called late and the mechanics didn’t they could have been ready. This weekend don’t cheer only for us but for all of them, the mechanics are the ones who work the most. “

And the smoke bombs in Holland

“We hope there aren’t any here, but in Italy they will know how to be attentive. Thanks from now on for the support, I know you will cheer in the best possible way”.

Sainz has no doubts

“We want to win, Monza would be the perfect scenario. And I can’t imagine what it would be like … I want to experience it …”.

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