Tesla has two problems: 4680 batteries and disappointed customers - Vaielettrico

Tesla has two problems: 4680 batteries and disappointed customers – Vaielettrico

Elon Musk (right) during the presentation of the new 4680 batteries.

Tesla has two problems: the development of the highly anticipated 4680 batteries and the discontent of some customers, in a strategic location like Norway.

tesla has two problems
The section of the new 4680 battery pack, put on display by Tesla.

Tesla has two problems: the new cells are exceptional, but producing them …

4680 batteries are, potentially, the lethal weapon of Elon Musk. With which to really hit the goal of getting to sell 20 million cars per year by 2030. Using larger cells and a new process to dry coat the electrodes, Tesla could halve the cost of a Model Y battery. According to Reuters, this would allow for a d cuti over 8% of the list price, allowing Musk to be even more competitive. But experts who are closely following the 4680 dossier say it will take much longer than expected to pass from development to production. The problems would arise mainly in the development of the dry coating technique used to produce these larger cells. “It’s simple, they’re not ready for mass production“Said one of the experts.

tesla has two problemsWith the 4680s, a Model Y could be sold for 25 thousand dollars

There is not only the world of cars to follow the evolution of the story. The soaring rise in the Tesla stock in recent years it has also been linked to the prospect of this technological leap, capable of displacing the competition. The innovation promised by Musk, with batteries from lower costs and higher performance, is seen by investors as fundamental. It is thought that Tesla with the 4680 could usher in a new era in which to sell its cars in the United States starting from $ 25,000, with excellent profit margins. An unthinkable level for competitors. But the experts questioned by the Reuters they exclude that the production of the new batteries will not take place within the year, as planned. Leaving every hypothesis open for 2023. A technological challenge that some compare to the difficulties encountered with the putting into production of the Model 3, costing long sleepless nights in the factory to Elon Musk.

The tweet announcing the protest of a small group of Norwegian customers.

Tesla has two problems: protest from Norwegian customers

The Norwegian story is much more limited. But it could still be a sign of a difficulty Tesla might encounter when millions of its cars they will circulate on roads all over the world. At the end of August it happened that a group of local customers, disappointed by the lack of assistance for defects in their cars, went on to stage a hunger strike, which soon returned. Many critical issues encountered by the owners: rust and water infiltrationpremature wear of the batteries, Autopilot malfunctioning, loosening of the seats and components, imperfect closure of doors and windows .. In addition to problems nothe on-board computer andinfotainment. All problems that can be solved by a good service network, but it is the vagueness of the answers given by the toll-free numbers of the American company that has infuriated this group of customers.

tesla has two problemsWill the service network be enough when customers are in the millions?

The news of the impromptu hunger strike was also recollected on Twitter, to bring it to the attention of Elon Musk as well. And Tesla’s boss did not miss her answer, choosing the weapon of irony: “Su advice from a good friend, i have fasted intermittently and i feel healthier“. In reality the problem exists and deserves serious reflection, which within Tesla they are certainly doing. When million Model 3, Model Y etc. they will circulate on the streets all over the world, the assistance system will suffice light current? Or will it be necessary to have a “physical” and much more widespread intervention network? The case of Norway should not be ridiculed. The Nordic country is a laboratory to which everyone is watching carefully, having reached a level of diffusion of EVs that in the rest of the world will not occur before 2030.

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