Giorgia Soleri again in the eye of the storm, she defends herself from criticism and brings up her boyfriend Damiano David (who replies on Twitter)

Giorgia Soleri again in the eye of the storm, she defends herself from criticism and brings up her boyfriend Damiano David (who replies on Twitter)

Giorgia Soleri she is one of the influencers that divides the public the most; on the one hand there are those who love her and consider her social activism a move to raise awareness of important issues; on the other hand, there are those who consider it a bit “too much”.

In fact, the girl is well known to the public not only for being the girlfriend of Damiano David but also and above all for having been the spokesperson for some important issues such as: vulvodynia, anxiety, panic attacks and depression.

For some days he has been at the center of the controversy for his participation in the Venice Film Festival, where he walked on the red carpet in a total black suit in “mannish” style (male look) on the occasion of the film in competition “Bard“. Just before entering the room, Giorgia, she said she was looking forward to the premiere of the film and was curious. From that moment the controversy went crazy; an old story about her has resurfaced on her web Instagram where she admitted that she was not interested in cinema:

I don’t like cinema at all, unfortunately it’s a language that bores me and I think I’m really the only person I’ve ever known who gets desperate when someone says’ let’s watch a movie?

Many after that moment called her the opportunist and someone even questioned her activism on social networks. And here’s what her defense was:

Anyone who has been following me for a while knows that I am not a great lover of cinema. I like artistic languages ​​that require a piece of their history and experience to be able to fully understand them. But I was born as a photographer. In fact, the few films that really excited me and left something either had a great photography or required very active attention to get 100% into the director’s imagination.

But now Giorgia Soleri she is again at the center of the controversy for some answers given to some users about her work as a writer. Some pieces of her book “Miss Nobody“Were made public on social media and the Soleri she was basically made fun of for her writing. In particular, some erotic poems have been made public, where she spoke of “particular acts”. It all started with a sarcastic comment from a user on Twitter to which the influencer replied:

Then again someone continued to make fun of the same theme:

Again in response she intervened Giorgia who brought up misogyny, alluding that if it had been a man to write certain things he would not have created such a stir. But in the same way he has also published a piece of a text of the Maneskin. From there again controversy. In fact, numerous users have accused her of often bringing up the theme of misogyny instead of focusing on the fact of writing itself. Other users, on the other hand, accused it of hypocrisy because often the Solerisaid she did not want to be labeled solely as “the girlfriend of Damiano“And then to defend herself it is she who brings up her boyfriend’s lyrics:

Here it was precisely to intervene in support of the girlfriend Damiano who commented:

I love you more when you poison yourself.

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