One Piece 1059, a dangerous power hits the companions of a villain [SPOILER]

One Piece 1059, a dangerous power hits the companions of a villain [SPOILER]

The new chapter of One Piece, the 1059, it has not yet been officially released but the leaks released in these hours have given a lot to talk about making it a rather talked about topic. Considering that we have officially entered the final saga from the manga, and that Wano’s long journey has ended, it is normal that fans are quite curious to know what awaits them.

The leakers, as usual, did not fail to respond to this curiosity. This is why, in the past few hours, the spoilers of the newest chapter of the manga, the 1059, have been released. In this chapter, we learn about numerous details about characters that have not been seen for some time on the pages of One Piece.

Notably, it will also make an appearance Blackbeard and two of their subordinates that we have already seen in the past: Vasco Shots and Catarina Devon. The two crew members are respectively the captain of the 8th and 6th ship of the feared pirate. From what the spoilers say, the two captains will arrive together with Blackbeard on Amazon Lily Island, in search of Boa Hancock.

What the One Piece spoilers say about Blackbeard’s pirates

The two captains are always ready to support Blackbeard, and even when it came to attacking Boa Hancock on his island they were no less. Unfortunately for them, however, the fight only lasted until Hancock turned them to stonewhich even the pirate himself “left in stone”.

But what do we know about the two captains turned to stone? Before that happened, one of the things that Catarina Devon had said as soon as she arrived on Amazon Lily was her desire to obtain the head of Boa Hancock. In fact, Catarina’s favorite hobby is to collect the heads of beautiful women.

In addition, we also know of Catarina Devon who was the most dangerous pirate who has ever been imprisoned in Impel Down. She was located on level 6 of the prison, and was freed by Blackbeard. As the captain of one of her ships, she obviously has the power to give orders and rule his underlings.

Since Catarina is considered one of the most powerful pirates who ever lived, we can understand how fearsome she is. To better understand the extent of her power, just think about the fact that managed to hurt Whitebeard with his spear (although by that time the pirate had already been greatly weakened).

Catarina ate the fruit Dog Dog model fox with nine tailswhich allows her to transform into a fox and take the form of whomever she desires.

As for instead Vasco Shots, sor also called “The drunkard”, he is one of the legendary criminals sentenced to life on the sixth level of Impel Down. Despite his handsome big man appearance, he actually has a rather cruel temper and a great thirst for battle.

This is demonstrated both by the fact that he was imprisoned in Impel Down for crimes considered too brutal even by the prisoners themselves, and by what happened in Marineford (qwhen he kept asking Blackbeard to be allowed to kill everyone those who were present).

Being one of Blackbeard’s captains too, he has great authority in his hands that he can impose on his subordinates. We still know very little about what Vasco is really capable of in combat, but what is certain is that Blackbeard’s captain can boast tremendous stamina (demonstrated when he managed to withstand an attack from Whitebeard).

In the latest chapter, the two captains will have to deal with the devastating power of the Amazon empress Lily, and their captain will end up negotiating their lives rather than proceeding with his plan.

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