Do you want to be a doctor?  Take an oath at the woke

Do you want to be a doctor? Take an oath at the woke

American medical schools, especially elite ones, are applying student and teacher selection policies that favor those who claim to join thewoke ideology and critical race theory, thereby jeopardizing their mission to train competent doctors.

This was stated by Stanley Goldfarb, nephrologist and former dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania, president of the association “Do No Harm” (formed by doctors and professionals ofhealth that intend to “protect health care from a radical, divisive and discriminatory ideology”) on the basis of a study on applications for admission to the 50 best medical faculties (schools) in the US. These were identified through the ranking of the 50 Best American Medical Schools compiled by US News and World Reporta periodical particularly specializing in statistics on economics, health and education.

80% of the top 10 universities

The analysis of the application forms showed that 72 percent of the top 50 American medical schools – and 80 percent of the top 10 – ask candidates what their views are on diversity, equity, inclusion. , anti-racism and other purely political concepts.

“The clear goal of all this is to recruit students who will contribute to the affirmation of a divisive ideology, certainly not to provide the best care for patients,” explains Goldfarb. “We focused our attention on the secondary essay questions that each school asks candidates, using a database compiled from the website Prospective Doctor (an online resource intended for those who would like to be a doctor – ndt). Despite the name, secondary essay questions play a primary role in each institution’s selection process. Many schools explicitly ask applicants if they agree with statements relating to racial politics. Others try to evaluate candidates ‘opinions or experience with woke concepts.’

Harvard Medical School, the number one medical education institution in the United States, chooses the second approach. It asks candidates to share “the significant challenges they faced in accessing education: unusual socio-economic factors, identification with a minority culture, religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity”.

“Busy” students

He then encourages candidates to “explain how these factors influenced your motivation to pursue a career in medicine”. It is clear that those who respond that they have experienced discrimination and affirm that they want to be a doctor to change this state of affairs will be preferred to those who cannot boast these requirements, regardless of the greater or lesser propensity to study.

The same goes for Columbia University’s Vagelos College for Physicians and Surgeons, which ranks third on a par with another university. In the official mission statement he states his commitment to “diversity”, then asks candidates to demonstrate how “your background and experiences” can “contribute to this important focus of our institution”.

Other medical schools are even more direct. Duke University medical school, tied in sixth place, asks candidates to illustrate their “understanding of race and its relationship to inequalities in health and health care”, indispensable by virtue of the “collective position of Duke against systemic racism and injustice ». Duke also says she expects students to move beyond “passive moments of reflection and become more active as we are committed to making lasting changes.”

Racism and lgbtq +

The University of Pittsburgh medical school, ranking 14 on the chart, is even more brutal. He addresses the candidates as follows: «We are interested in fighting all forms of systemic barriers, and we would like to know your thoughts regarding the fight against systemic racism, anti-LGBTQ + discrimination and misogyny. How will you contribute? ».

Major American medical schools seem to take it for granted that candidates who aspire to enrollment understand and accept the principles of the Woke ideology. The School of Medicine David Geffen at UCLA (ranked 19th) asks the candidate to describe how “inequality has impacted you or your community and how educational inequality, health inequality and / or marginalization have affected you.” and your community “.

The values ​​of DEI

“Of course, this troubling trend extends far beyond elite medical schools,” says Dr. Goldfarb. “We found even more lower-ranking institutions asking candidates to prove their good faith woke, from Suny Downstate Medical Center to Loyola University’s Stritch School of Medicine. It seems that the majority of American medical schools are actively looking for ideologically aligned students. And they are not just students. Many schools are moving to have woke professors. For example, Indiana University School of Medicine recently passed new standards for faculty promotion and tenure. Now they are “required to demonstrate their efforts to advance the DEI values”.

The medicine will lose

Concludes the former dean of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine: «The medical schools have set out along a very dangerous slope. These institutions have long since lowered educational and enrollment standards in the name of diversity; now they are imposing an ideological orthodoxy on future doctors through admission tests. But recruiting woke activists rather than truly qualified candidates will weaken trust in medicine and lead to negative health outcomes for patients. This is the last thing any medical school should do. ‘

The radical organization Project Diversify Medicine has launched an online petition to get the University of Pennsylvania to remove Dr. Goldfarb, collecting 1,659 signatures to date.

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