Jannik Sinner ITA, 2001.08.16 - Foto Getty Images

Us Open: The program for Wednesday 07 September 2022. Sinner at the Alcaraz obstacle, at high altitude road uphill for the semifinal

Jannik Sinner ITA, 2001.08.16 – Photo Getty Images

Jannik Sinner he is the second Italian to gain access to the quarter-finals of the US Open. After the victory over Ivashka, the South Tyrolean will contend with Carlos Alcaraz, big favorite among the eight remaining in the running for the last slam of the year. The 2001 class therefore faces the first great test of these two weeks, after increasingly complicated matches but always played as a favorite. In this case, in fact, it is the Spaniard who prevails in the odds of the bookmakers, where his success – reports Agipronews – is played at 1.48. Forced to chase Sinner instead, who sees the victory at 2.60. Alcaraz is also ahead for the conquest of the first set, seen at 1.57 against the 2.25 of his opponent.
As far as set betting is concerned, the 0-3 of the Spaniard is on pole, paying 3 times the stakes, followed by 1-3 at 3.75. A success in three partials by Sinner is proposed instead at 6, with the 3-1 at 6.25 and a triumph in the fifth set at 7.50.

Arthur Ashe Stadium – Hours: 18:00
K. Pliskova CZE vs A. Sabalenka
A. Rublev vs F. Tiafoe USA

Arthur Ashe Stadium – Hours: 01:00
I. Swiatek POL vs J. Pegula USA
J. Sinner ITA vs C. Alcaraz ESP

Louis Armstrong Stadium – 5:00 pm
B. Krejcikova CZE / K. Siniakova CZE vs G. Dabrowski CAN / G. Olmos MEX
C. Dolehide USA / S. Sanders AUS vs C. Garcia BETWEEN / K. Mladenovic BETWEEN
D. Krawczyk USA / D. Schuurs NED vs C. McNally USA / T. Townsend USA
S. Sanders AUS / J. Peers AUS vs L. Fernandez CAN / J. Sock USA
C. McNally USA / W. Blumberg USA vs J. Ostapenko LAT / D. Vega Hernandez ESP

Grandstand – Hours: 17:00
S. Kunieda JPN vs J. Gerard NICE
A. Van Koot NED vs D. Mathewson USA
A. Lapthorne GBR vs D. Wagner USA
K. Flipkens NICE / E. Roger-Vasselin BETWEEN vs S. Zhang CHN / M. Pavic CRO

Court 17 – Hours: 16:00
R. Stoiber GBR vs L. Hovde USA
M. Pawelski POL vs A. Michelsen USA
P. Nad SVK vs K. Kang USA
M. Pawelski POL vs H. Barton CZE
L. Boika USA / Y. Demin vs K. Kang USA / A. Michelsen USA

Court 5 – Hours: 17:00
D. De Groot NED vs L. Shuker GBR
C. Ratzlaff USA vs T. Egberink NED
J. Griffioen NED vs Z. Zhu CHN
N. Vink NED vs R. Shaw CAN

Court 10 – Hours: 16:00
E. Seidel GER vs E. Khayrutdinova
D. Vallejo PAR vs P. Inchauspe BETWEEN
C. Ngounoue USA vs E. Seidel GER
D. Vallejo PAR vs R. Sakamoto JPN
R. Jamrichova SVK / N. Vargova SVK vs T. Evans USA / K. Quevedo USA
D. Vallejo PAR / M. Vergara del Puerto PAR vs T. Nirundorn THA / M. Zheng USA

Court 13 – Hours: 16:00
S. Iliev BETWEEN vs L. Havlickova CZE
M. Zheng USA vs K. Feldbausch SUI
M. Kupres CAN vs S. Iliev BETWEEN
K. Feldbausch SUI / O. Pieczkowski POL vs P. Barbier Gazeu BETWEEN / A. Basile NICE
M. El Allami MAR / E. McDonald GBR vs K. Cross CAN / V. Mboko CAN

Court 4 – Hours: 17:00
G. Reid GBR vs M. De la Puente ESP
G. Fernandez ARG vs T. Miki JPN
S. Takamuro JPN vs K. Montjane RSA

Court 6 – Hours: 17:00
D. Caverzaschi ESP vs T. Oda JPN
P. Deroulede BETWEEN vs K. Kruger GER
M. Scheffers NED vs A. Hewett GBR

Court 7 – Hours: 17:00
A. Cataldo WHO vs N. Peifer BETWEEN
J. Keatseangsilp USA vs R. Spaargaren NED
H. Davidson AUS vs S. Schroder NED

Court 8 – Hours: 17:00
M. Ohtani JPN vs A. Bernal WITH THE
S. Funamizu JPN vs M. Tanaka JPN
M. Cabrillana WHO vs Y. Kamiji JPN
K. Sugeno JPN vs D. Ramphadi RSA

Court 9 – Hours: 16:00
P. Brady GBR vs M. Landaluce ESP
A. Eala PHI vs T. Preston AUS
S. Costulas NICE vs M. Andreeva
S. Daryabeigi USA / J. Sarr USA vs N. Godsick USA / J. Weekes CAN
I. Jovic USA / S. Lam USA vs M. Andreeva / A. Eala PHI
P. Brady GBR / W. Jansen GBR vs T. Tokac TUR / E. Winter AUS

Court 11 – Hours: 16:00
C. Ngounoue USA vs T. Evans USA
R. Sakamoto JPN vs G. Bell Lee KOR
G. Bueno FOR vs C. Wong HKG
J. La Serna ARG / L. Midon ARG vs G. Bailly NICE / A. Blockx NICE

Court 12 – Hours: 16:00
M. Kupres CAN vs A. Anazagasty-Pursoo USA
N. Basavareddy USA vs A. Blockx NICE
Y. Demin vs G. Bailly NICE
N. Basavareddy USA vs J. La Serna ARG
A. Gea BETWEEN / B. Zgola POL vs D. Blanch USA / S. Brockett USA
O. Baris USA / N. Basavareddy USA vs G. Ballotta FOR / J. Braswell USA

Court 14 – Hours: 16:00
D. Shnaider vs A. Van Impe NICE
P. Privara SVK vs C. Van Schalkwyk NAM
D. Shnaider vs W. Ewald POL
P. Privara SVK vs P. Brady GBR
L. Moyano ARG / L. Perez Alarcon FOR vs S. Costulas NICE / L. Udvardy HUN
K. Hui USA / E. Yu USA vs W. Ewald POL / R. Munk Mortensen DEN

Court 15 – Hours: 16:00
W. Ewald POL vs L. Udvardy HUN
H. Barton CZE vs E. Butvilas LTU
C. Naef SUI vs A. Gureva
L. Hovde USA / T. Preston AUS vs A. Lopata UKR / M. Slama USA

Court 16 – Hours: 16:00
J. Svendsen DEN vs K. Cross CAN
J. La Serna ARG vs A. Gea BETWEEN
V. Mboko CAN vs I. Jovic USA
J. Svendsen DEN vs R. Stoiber GBR
R. Nijkamp NED / A. Okutoyi KEN vs Q. Lopez USA / J. Svendsen DEN
C. Naef SUI / A. Van Impe NICE vs A. Gureva / H. Kinoshita JPN

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