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Champions League: too much Bayern for Inter, Napoli crashes Liverpool. ALL RESULTS – Sport

A brilliant, fast and intense Napoli overwhelms Liverpool at Maradona: 4-1 with a double from Zielinski and goals from Anguissa and Simeone; for Liverpool goal of the flag of Luis Diaz. Bayern moved to San Siro with a goal from Sanè and an own goal from D’Ambrosio. The defeat to Bayern Munich, which follows the bitter disappointment of the defeat in the derby against Milan, led to the reaction of the Inter fans at San Siro. At the triple final whistle in the Champions League match, in fact, the boos for Simone Inzaghi’s men arrived from the stands, a sign that the double disappointment also affected the mood of the fans. THE SPECIAL

The other results (RESULTS AND RANKINGS)
Tottenham-Marseille 2-0
Club Brugges-Bayer Leverkusen 1-0
Atletico Madrid-Port 2-1
Barcelona-Plzen 5-1
Ajax-Rangers 4-0
Eintracht-Sporting Lisbon 0-3

Too much Bayern Munich, Inter resisted as long as the legs hold up but the Nerazzurri do not find the reaction after the defeat in the championship derby against Milan. (the chronicle) Simone Inzaghi’s men remain in the game for over an hour, despite the initial Bavarian advantage signed by Sané, they have some opportunities to equalize without being able to reopen the game, which indeed the Germans close thanks to an own goal by D ‘ Ambrosio. A result that probably does not testify to the gap between the two teams, but that for the Nerazzurri is still worth the third defeat in the first six matches of the season. Not even the idea of ​​Inzaghi, who revolutionized Inter with five changes compared to the derby and in particular by launching Onana from the first minute, on his debut in the Nerazzurri shirt, is not enough. The former Ajax is immediately called into question, because Bayern starts the attack on the thrust of the five thousand fans who arrived from Germany: Kimmich calls the Inter goalkeeper into the house twice in the first three minutes, finding a double intervention by the Nigerian welcomed by the applause of the 60 thousand of San Siro. An immediately heated and fast-paced match, with Nagelsmann’s men stifling the Nerazzurri’s ideas with ferocious pressure and a drumming attacking phase. Coman and Muller try on several occasions, still finding Onana’s ready answers, Inter resists and tries to sting with a left-handed from the edge of D’Ambrosio, but it’s only a matter of minutes: launch with Kimmich’s tachometer, flying stop by Sané who overtakes Onana at the exit and unlocks the result. Dzeko tries to sound the shock, with a header from a corner just wide, with Bayern who, however, almost double with Davies and the usual Muller. In the first half final, the Bavarians slow down, leaving some more space for the Nerazzurri, who, however, are unable to take advantage of it due to too many technical and passing errors. The second half opens with a more convinced Inter, so much so that Dzeko has the equalizer ball on his right but kicks too weakly in Neuer’s arms. However, Bayern are scary in the restart, wasting a couple of more opportunities to double. And Onana is likely to combine it big, letting an easy ball slip out of his hands on a deflection of Bastoni and being saved from the post. As in the first half, however, this time too it is a matter of minutes, because the Bavarians accelerate again: Sané-Coman combination, a touch under the former City that D’Ambrosio pushes into the goal with an unfortunate touch that gives the Germans the doubling. A goal that in fact extinguishes the few, remaining hopes left to the Nerazzurri, also demonstrated by the changes of Inzaghi who probably thinks first not to take others by changing 2/3 of defense. Yet Inter would have the right opportunity to reopen the challenge, but Correa does not take advantage of a mistake by Lucas Hernandez by sensationally kicking sideways face to face with Neuer. And the Argentine, shortly after, together with Dimarco wastes another dangerous restart. In the final, Bayern limited themselves to checking, because Inter physically no longer had any, after a match in which the technical, tactical and athletic gap was probably much more marked than the score suggests. And on Saturday at San Siro Turin arrives, another potential crossroads, another opportunity that Lautaro and his teammates cannot miss.

An evening of strong emotions at the ‘Maradona’, with an extraordinary victory for Napoli that crushes Liverpool (4-1) and begins the Champions League group in the best possible way. (the chronicle) The game is dominated by the Azzurri and the English in comparison with the hosts make a bad impression. Liverpool are confused, dazed and in the face of the physical and tactical overwhelming power of the Azzurri, they never manage to get to the heart of the match. The first half ends 3-0 for Napoli who also misses a penalty kick, kicked by Osimhen on the result of 1-0 for the Azzurri and saved by Alisson. Spalletti’s team is clearly superior to their opponents in every phase of the game and in all areas of the pitch. Klopp’s 4-3-3, in front of Napoli lined up with 4-2-3-1, gives the image of a frayed team in which there is no choral play and everyone seems to go forward on their own. On the other hand, there is a super organized Napoli, with some players in an extraordinary physical condition. This is the case of Anguissa who always manages to find herself at the center of her team’s actions and at the same time buffers and presses her opponents in front of her own penalty area. Napoli benefits from a penalty after just 5 ‘for a hand ball in the area by Milner that deflects a conclusion from Zielinski. It is the Pole himself who transforms, giving his team the advantage. At 18 ‘the blues could double. Van Dijk lands Osimhen thrown towards the door. The referee does not see the foul but is recalled by the Var, he reviews the action and concedes the penalty which Osimhen throws badly, being rejected by Alisson. At this point one would expect the reaction of the English who, however, exercise only a sterile dominance of the game, closing Napoli in their own half and exposing themselves to the deadly counter-attacks of Spalletti’s team. The doubling is touched by Kvaratskhelia (Van Dijk rejects on the goal line) and arrives at 31 ‘with Anguissa who exchanges in the penalty area with Zielinski, presents himself in front of Alisson and bags with a diagonal low shot. Again there is no reaction from Liverpool. At 41 ‘Osimhen has to go out due to injury and Simeone enters. The Argentine, on his debut in the Champions League, scored in the 44th minute. Kvaratskhelia puts on a show on the left, passes first Alexander-Arnold and then Gomez, then places the ball in front of the goal where the Argentine striker just has to push it to the back of the net. The recovery began just over a minute when Napoli found their fourth goal. Simeone serves Zielinski in the area whose shot is blocked by Alisson, but the Pole hits the ball back into the net. At 3 ‘, however, Liverpool found the way to goal with a low shot from distance by Luis Diaz, on an action that starts from a mistake by Di Lorenzo. The British smell of revenge and take the offensive to try to recover the result. Napoli defends themselves with order and Klopp’s forwards rarely manage to get good opportunities. The two coaches try to shake up their respective teams with a series of substitutions which, however, do not change the setting of the match. Liverpool press and Napoli contain and play a throw-in. Fatigue makes the game less spectacular and more confusing and emotions are exhausted as well. All that remains for Napoli is to celebrate the extraordinary victory and the first three points won in the Champions League group. For Klopp, however, the ‘curse’ of the Neapolitan stadium continues, where he has always lost, even when he was driving Borussia.

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