Apple Watch 8 Pro: how big is it compared to other Apple Watches?  Here is the comparison

Apple Watch 8 Pro: how big is it compared to other Apple Watches? Here is the comparison

We have been talking about the new for months Apple Watch 8 Pro that is a completely new version of Apple’s smartwatch, larger and above all with some exclusive functions for extreme sports. A smartwatch that seems to possess not just a aesthetic appearance different from the others of the series since it will be in possession of a more resistant materialof a flat display ie plate with a frame of the reinforced case and also one increased battery to give more vent to workouts or even excursions. Apple’s rugged smartwatch also appears to have a extra button dedicated to customization and capable of perhaps recalling workouts on the fly or even other features that are exclusive or not of the smartwatch.

Apple Watch 8 Pro: that’s how big it is compared to the others

But how big is the Apple Watch 8 Pro actually compared to the other devices of the 8 series or the other series (since they will not change size)? We have the opportunity to observe it directly with some images that come from the network and that show the covers that third-party retailers have already made for the new Apple Watch 8 Pro and for the other Watches of the 8 series arriving tonight at the event of ‘ ‘Beyond All Beyond’ by Apple.

Meanwhile, know that the new Apple Watch 8 Pro “ rugged ” should have a 49 mm case unlike the 45 and 41 mm ones of the Apple Watch series 7 which will then in all likelihood also be the same as the series 8. In this case, therefore, the screen of the new Watch 8 Pro it is expected to be a whopping 1.99 inches. These are the interesting revelations of Sonny Dickson, an Australian leaker famous for having provided numerous advances in the past which were then confirmed on the iPhone and on the Apple universe, who compares this new Watch 8 Pro with the others, remembering that the current Apple Watch 7 are proposed with 41mm case and 1.691 inch screenor with 45 mm case and 1.901 inch screen. And for the upcoming Apple Watch 8 range (non-Pro models) Apple is expected to keep the same 41mm and 45mm sizes as the 7 Series.

Looking at the photos comparing the covers and shells of the current models on the market, with those allegedly destined for the Watch 8 Pro, the significant differences clearly emerge. First of all in terms of height as well as in width with greater overall dimensions. And judging by the photos it looks like it will also increase the thickness probably to make everything more harmonious and above all to allow Apple to increase the battery and consequently the autonomy.

Clearly the larger screen size of the Watch 8 Pro will be exploited by Apple to show different dials and complications from the current ones and which will undoubtedly enrich health data, metrics and performance. And precisely for this reason the company has probably decided to expand the screen size of this Watch “ Pro ” to improve viewing but also the use of the same with the fingers during performance. And remember that just the other day the first CAD images also emerged that reveal a structure of the new Watch with the left side ready to host the digital crown and selection key, in addition to the all new and unprecedented key in the programmable Apple Watch. In short do not miss to wait until 19 to actually understand what the new Apple Watch 8 Pro from Apple will be like.

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