RB Salisburgo-Milan, le pagelle: Okafor scherza Kalulu, Leao quasi cambia la partita

RB Salzburg-Milan, the report cards: Okafor jokes Kalulu, Leao almost changes the game – TUTTOmercatoWEB.com

Final result: Salzburg-Milan 1-1


Kohn 6 – He does not give much security to the back department, misreading several balls that arrive in the area. Better in the second half, especially in terms of exits.

Dedic 6 – After a good first half in containing Leao, he falls right at the end when the Portuguese serves Saelemaekers for the 1-1. However, he holds up the comparison until the end of the race.

Solet 6 – Solid enough performance to protect the penalty area. He leaves shortly before the interval due to physical problems. From 42 ‘ Bernard 6 – He replaces his partner in the best possible way, helping the rearguard to limit Milan’s attacking players.

Pavlovic 6.5 – Deployed by surprise due to Wober’s last minute forfeit, he behaves very well, anticipating the Rossoneri forwards on several occasions.

Ulmer 6 – Good push in the left lane, while on a defensive level Saelemaekers suffers more in the first half than in the second forty-five minutes.

Capaldo 6.5 – He accompanies Salzburg’s offensive actions with great continuity, with insertions in the penalty area and sometimes crosses for his teammates.

Seiwald 6.5 – Excellent especially in the ball recovery phase, then starting the quick restarts of Salzburg. In the second half he also becomes dangerous from outside the area.

Kjaergaard 6 – Compared to Capaldo, he shows up in the offensive phase but less frequently. More enterprising in this sense after the break, when he almost sent Fernando in the goal.

Kameri 6 – It improves with each passing minute, trying to juggle between the lines to serve the tips with quality and continuity. From 66 ‘ Gourna-Douath 6 – It gives the Salzburg median greater freshness, in view of the final of the match.

Fernando 6.5 – He often keeps in apprehension in defense of Milan, dueling at best with his teammate Okafor. In fact, he assisted him for the goal of number 77. He stained his positive performance, however, with the error under goal at the beginning of the second half. From 65 ‘ Sesko 6 – Good impact on the match, touching 2-1 in the final.

Okafor 7 – Excellent first half by the attacker, author of the net of the advantage jumping Kalulu and then putting Maignan from a tight angle. He is confirmed as the most dangerous of his team and in general the best even in the second half. From 93 ‘Adamu sv.

Matthias Jaissle 6.5 –Set up a brave race, made up of pressing on the ball carriers and quick restarts. He suffers in the final part of the match, where he still has a chance to win the match.


Final result: RB Salzburg-Milan 1-1

Maignan 5.5 – On the 1-0 goal there is also his half. Because Okafor’s shot is very close, but the ball ends up between his legs and he suffers a goal that is perhaps not in his strings.

Calabria 5.5 – He oversees his area, but in the second half he is punctured too simply by an acceleration of Ulmer which almost leads to the doubling (from 57 ‘ Dest 6 – He does not let himself be taken in, he supports the action).

Kalulu 5 – Very badly on the cue of Okafor, he is jumped like a pin with the tunnel. Perhaps even deceived by the almost unnoticed touch of the attacker, then he recovers.

Tomori 6.5 – In its part it is almost always quiet.

Hernandez 5.5 – He pushes as hard as he can, but without having great offensive results. A few snags and a couple of fouls earned, but with the blue pen error in the final that risks opening the door to Sesko.

Tonali 6 – Less bright than usual, but not much wrong.

Bennacer 6 – The ball was sacked by Fernando in the first half, causing the opponents’ first goal. He redeems himself with the beautiful bucking and the tip for Leao on 1-1 (from 57 ‘ Pobega 6 – Enter with a decent personality, as he kicks (out) twice from distance).

Saelemaekers 7 – He starts quietly, only to grow up to the goal, when he finds confidence and begins to zigzag around the field. Bravo and cold in signing the 1-1 (from 80 Messias sv).

De Ketelaere 6 – The class is there, the continuity in the first half a bit less. It is impossible not to notice that an invention of him finds the gap to start the counterattack of the same. For the rest not very present (from 70 ‘Brahim Diaz sv)

Leao 6.5 – The usual accelerations, sometimes he gets stuck in trying the play against two opponents, but he signs the assist of Saelemaekers’ goal with an intelligent platter. He is likely to determine with the post at the last minute, but his shot was not on goal.

Giroud 5 – Wanted a lot by his teammates with crosses, he never catches it in the first half, also because Solet is good at containing him. Shrewd on Pavlovic in pulling out behind him, then concludes centrally (from 57 ‘ Origi 6 – Little served if not with a cross from the trocar, he struggles to swing. A corridor is invented for Brahim Diaz, it is anticipated at the last by Gourna-Douath).

Trainer: Stefano Pioli 6 – Only one player changes from the match against Inter, but the derby effect is felt. Not the best of matches, but Saelemaekers is his choice over Messias.

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