A "working gym" for children with disabilities, 100 thousand euros must be raised for the inclusion project

A “working gym” for children with disabilities, 100 thousand euros must be raised for the inclusion project

Accompany and support people in situations of disability or mental distress in Forlì and the area, as well as their respective families, in a path of work integration through contact with nature. This is the goal of the “Insolite Essenze” project for social inclusion and work inclusion conceived by the social enterprise CavaRei from Forlì through the strengthening of the activities at the Casa di San Leonardo, an eco-friendly structure with a residential center and a socio-occupational laboratory in San Leonardo in Schiova.

A “working gym” for young people in difficult situations that can now count on the support of Intesa Sanpaolo which, assisted in the choice by the CESVI Foundation, has decided to marry the planning, placing it among those supported through the Formula Program, a project accessible by For Funding fundraising platform to promote environmental sustainability, social inclusion and access to the labor market for people in difficulty throughout the Italian territory.

The project aims to involve 20 families with school-age children, 20 people between 18 and 40 with disabilities or mental illness, at least 19 classes from local primary schools and 5 local companies for team building activities.
The aim is to enhance the social farming activities at Casa San Leonardo, improve the social and work inclusion of people with disabilities or mental discomfort in the Forlì area, allowing them to experiment in an eco-system of activities consisting of agriculture social and small catering, to help create a more inclusive, sustainable local community capable of enhancing diversity starting with children and families.

The goal is to raise 100,000 euros by the end of September. To support the “Insolite Essenze” project with a donation, it is active on the For Funding website – Formulate a dedicated page, with real-time updating of the sums collected:


In detail, the funds raised will be used, in particular, to: purchase a coffee truck to administer and sell aromatic herbs, attend local events, provide information and knowledge on work and social inclusion;
create a food laboratory for the processing of aromatic herbs; finance 20 new job placement paths through internships and work grants in the garden, the food laboratory and the truck; create a training course dedicated to coffee with a local company that makes its know-how available to train both the truck operators and the people involved in the job; start didactic-sensory paths for schools and families on the different herbs and their uses; involve schools in the scouting of people destined for work placement; host corporate team building activities in the garden and laboratory of San Leonardo.

“The CavaRei cooperative welcomes and responds to the needs of disadvantaged people and their families – says Maurizia Squarzi, President of the CavaRei Social Enterprise – the” Insolite essenze “project aims to enhance the working skills of the people involved in the project, offering possibility to carry out work and training activities in the field of social agriculture and small catering. Also with this project CavaRei hopes to be able to create greater social inclusion within our territory. “

“At the heart of our commitment is the desire to be an engine for inclusive development, which creates growth and opportunities also and above all for young people. This project is important for intercepting situations of fragility in the Forlì district, offering concrete support through the action of a qualified reality – underlines Alessandra Florio, Regional Director of Emilia-Romagna and Marche of Intesa Sanpaolo -. Both through the commitment of our people in the territories, and through tools such as the fundraising platform with which Intesa Sanpaolo takes care of the transition costs and also contributes with its own donations, we want to increasingly confirm our vocation as a careful bank to social issues and local peculiarities “.

In Emilia-Romagna the number of students with certified disabilities is constantly growing, over 3% more than the total number of students per year, 163 students enrolled for the 2021/2022 school year alone in the high schools of Forlì. However, in the face of this growth, even at the local level, placement opportunities remain scarce in their transition, where possible, to the labor market. For this reason, in the last three years, the Region has financed projects to support the school-work transition of young adults that provide welcome, orientation, training and individual accompaniment. Social enterprises and social cooperatives, such as CavaRei in Forlì, play an important role in this to stimulate inclusiveness and the creation of decent jobs for vulnerable people.

The Bank will actively participate in crowdfunding by donating 1.5 euros for many of the products purchased by customers online and by sharing in donations from various Group companies. The fundraising will remain active until 30 September on For Funding, the Intesa Sanpaolo platform dedicated to environmental sustainability, social inclusion and access to the labor market for people in difficulty.

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