17 million bill for gas and electricity, blow to Roncadin: "Tragic situation"

17 million bill for gas and electricity, blow to Roncadin: “Tragic situation”

MEDUNO – Dario Roncadin, soul and brain of the company that bears his surname (throughout Italy and beyond), speaks openly of a “tragic” situation. At the same time he vows to “not give up”, even if he is forced to cancel the classic company open day and to advise his employees on a series of urgent measures to save energy. The accounts of Roncadin, a giant in the food sector of Meduno (Pn), are in fact dramatic. After a first part of the year in which the problem was characterized “only” by the increase in the costs of raw materials, here is the blow of energy, which, as noted a few days ago by an Ascom study, penalizes above all those who work in the food sector. For this the CEO has decided to write to his employees.


From 2.5 million euros a year to more than 13 million for electricity, from 600 thousand euros to more than 4 million for gas, not to mention the increase in spending on all raw materials (mozzarella, tomato, farin) which exceeds 10 million euros. Roncadin, specialized in frozen pizzas for Italian and international large-scale distribution, comes to terms with the crazy price increases and takes a painful decision: cancel the long-awaited open-day annual for employee families to save as much as possible on costs.


“It is a drop in the ocean, but the regret is so much because this appointment is very much felt and in the last two years it was missed due to Covid – comments the CEO Dario Roncadin -. A small problem among many that is much more serious, but with this we take the opportunity to explain to our employees what situation we are in and to remember the individual behaviors to be implemented to eliminate waste as much as possible. It is certain, however, that all this is not enough: it is Italian and European politics that must find a solution for this situation that is bringing all companies to their knees “.
In the message sent to the workers, Dario Roncadin explained what is happening and what actions the company has decided to take. «In recent weeks, energy costs have increased dramatically – Roncadin always explains – without considering that we are already starting from crazy prices that have led to the temporary closure of many companies. Also in Roncadin, for nine months already, we have been at the mercy of continuous price increases. At this moment we must all be united and we must fight together this battle which is also determined by small gestures. On two issues we have signaled to our people that they can help out right away. The first is energy waste: starting from the offices, but also in all production areas, we are all busy turning off lights, computers and unused machinery. The second is the waste of raw materials in the line and in the kitchens: we are working on new solutions to recover as much as possible ».


The company, for its part, does not remain immobile: Roncadin is already working to upgrade its photovoltaic system in order to cover 30% of the energy needs. In a few days the installation of 5 thousand photovoltaic panels will begin (already planned for some time, but which are slow in arriving due to the current problems of shortage of raw materials), to which another 6,200 will subsequently be added.
The CEO’s intervention ends with a thank you and an appeal: «I thank all those who, with a constructive spirit, can help us to get out of this situation as well. As I always say, never give up. I am sure that we will get out of it, but it is unthinkable to do it alone: ​​for this reason I renew my appeal for Italian and European politics and institutions to do something as soon as possible to resolve this unsustainable situation ».

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