Marras taken over by Mr. Calzedonia: "Our fashion will reach the people"

Marras taken over by Mr. Calzedonia: “Our fashion will reach the people”

from Paola Pollo

Veronesi enters the Sardinian luxury brand with 80%. The announcement and the projects: “We understood each other immediately”

– The announcement is one of those who rock the fashion world. They shake him in a positive way. Because it is a new (good) novel. Antonio Marras is now 80 percent of the Calzedonia group, aka Sandro Veronesi. So the visionary entrepreneur from Verona who 36 years ago, betting on a pair of socks, built an empire with a turnover of over 2,500 million and more than 5,000 shops bought the Alghero brand. Veneto-Sardinia, round trip. «And it will always be like this: here the heart and there the numbers», the designer is over the moon because finally someone will deal with figures and he with his wife Patrizia of creativity. Then Efisio, the eldest son, will be on the board as CEO and Leo, the youngest, in communication.

Born in 1961, Marras founded his brand in 1987, even if in reality he “messes up” (he always summarizes) on clothes for a long time. In ’96 he parades in Rome (high fashion) and in ’97 he invades Milan with his poetry. Success comes first lightning and then thunder: in 2003 the appointment of creative director of Kenzothus the entry into the large family of luxury of Lvmh, Paris, the Arc de Triomphe and a life in the spotlight. Nine years of magnificence, then in 2011, the collaboration ends. On the hills of Alghero, where the Marras live and work in a magical place, everything resumes as before, but with great difficulty, because in any case it is one thing to have support like the one above, another to be alone.

Finally now the light.

«I, who are always mischievous and subject to the mistral, a wind that I love, this time I’m happy, happy. Air, oxygen, new life. Rebirth”.

How did it go?

“We fell in love with each other right away. First of all, we the Marras and they the Veronesi unite us, the concept of family. And then the love for our lands, which we support: Sardinia and Veneto. In addition, only now I have discovered that Mrs. Veronesi has been our client in Alghero for years because here the couple has a home that is a place of their hearts and now also a land where they will produce wine. The spark? Respect for our DNA, for their managerial vision. it will be a change in size and structure, starting in January ».

A long negotiation?

«When I joined LVMH, investors, industrialists and funds began to arrive. They were here for months. No one is left. They didn’t understand. In a month with the Veronesi group we closed everything. They understood the potential. They entrepreneurs and we creatives. The perfect partners ».

The points of sale are a strength of the Group: soon «Despite Marras» everywhere?

«Our boutiques have fascinated them yes: there are clothes but also more. Places of magic where the customer stays on average twice as long as she spends in other shops. They have an incredible experience, from sock to wine, from bride to cashmere, on getting to people. Concreteness and visibility. Because the world has changed so it happens that Dior makes t-shirts and Zara makes evening dresses, and modernity lies in spreading. And this is the new novel ».

Yes, the novels of Marras.

“Challenges that would have killed anyone. The last in Russia, where we marched two days before the attack on Ukraine. Nobody, that day in Moscow, but I mean nobody, supposed what would happen 48 hours later. Let’s put it this way: we wrote the book of life with a quill pen, the second with the fountain pen, the third finally on the computer ».

Many obstacles, never a failure, many efforts.

«We have also made many mistakes eh! But Covid was devastating. Creativity saved us: from the theater (Marras also designs stage costumes, ed) to art “.

From the stars to the stables and now the stars again.

“These years have taught me to measure people. There have been truly tragic moments, but we have strengthened ourselves and made it clear who were the people who were somehow close to us ».

Will we see Intimissimi by Antonio Marras?

“Why not? More than willingly. These are modern challenges that stylists take up to reach people ».

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