Fedez?  Free to offend the "infamous" carabinieri: the shock sentence

Fedez? Free to offend the “infamous” carabinieri: the shock sentence

Paolo Ferrari

For the Milanese prosecutor Francesco Cajani to say that i carabinieri they are “infamous” and “dog children” is not a crime of contempt but only “harsh criticism”. The Swiss boarding school phrasebook was contained in a song, first published in 2010, by Fedez, aka Federico Leonardo Lucia, known in the news for being the husband of the influencer Chiara Ferragni. To denounce Fedez in the prosecutor’s office was the colonel of the carabinieri on leave, Roberto Colasanti, a member of the Association for the territory and non-profit citizens. The officer of the Arma, in addition to the complaint, had also filed with the Prosecutor a technical report, prepared by the Legal technology solutions company of Rieti, which with forensic methodology had recovered all the web pages where the text and the song had been disseminated in the last eleven years and which he had asked for immediate blackout. The Association was activated after numerous reports from dismissed carabinieri. However, no similar initiative had been taken by the General Command of the Arma in Viale Romania in Rome. “As you call them carabinieri and military, I call them infamous all those children of dogs.” A refrain repeated several times in the text which, as Colasanti pointed out, was an explicit invitation to insult the Armed Forces.

These “verses”, for the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office that this week asked the judge to dismiss the complaint, do not have the connotations of insult “but only those criminally irrelevant – of harsh criticism, provocation and the spasmodic search for notoriety”. Fedez, also for the Prosecutor’s Office, «is closely linked to his belonging to a” figure “that we can define as” cursed “and from it and with it he expresses his own existence built on excesses and provocations». “This is not an attempt to diminish or see Fedez’s expression in a different (favorable) light, but it is a purely juridical and juridical-sociological analysis”, added the prosecutor Cajani in his filing. In particular, the sociological context would be characterized by the «need for” advertising “or” notoriety “within the constellation of thousands of” rappers “with the sole purpose of emerging from anonymity». In this context, in a nutshell, “all this – while not edifying – does not constitute a criminal offense (sic!)”.

A motivation that has left many astonished since it has not been considered the typical emulative element of the social world, the one in which Fedez has dominated for some time and has greater grip. Many young people could then feel authorized to do just like Fedez, using the same vulgar phrasebook towards the carabinieri and the police forces in general. A message that is not educational at all at a time of profound crisis for all training agencies, starting with school. “In addition to deeply regret it, it is of enormous concern since, if this interpretation were also endorsed by the judge for preliminary investigations, it would mean recognizing areas of impunity that do not appear tolerable in a rule of law”, commented Colasanti. After hearing the decision of the Prosecutor’s Office, the colonel announced opposition to the judge: “For this reason and out of respect for the carabinieri who have fallen in the fulfillment of the duty and suffering that still suffer the orphans and their families we will oppose the filing”.

Ironically, the archiving provision signed by the prosecutor Cajani arrived in the week in which the ceremonies for the 40th anniversary of the death of General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa, his wife Emanuela Setti Carraro and the agent were held in Milan escort Domenico Russo, killed by Kalashnikov shots from Cosa Nostra in via Carini in Palermo. The Milan prosecutor Marcello Viola also took part in the commemorative ceremonies, who wanted to remember the general from the Church as the indelible symbol of the “fight against mafia crime”. «I have a direct memory of those years because I was in Palermo, I was starting my service, I was in training. I have a very vivid memory of the arrival of General Dalla Chiesa, of the enormous impact he had, even from a symbolic point of view, and of the loneliness that accompanied him », Viola declared visibly moved in front of the general’s family. Who knows what Dalla Chiesa would have said, that before being brutally killed by the mafia he had defeated terrorism, calling himself infamous and son of a dog by Chiara Ferragni’s husband. All that remains is to hope in the judge who, unlike Fedez, will surely know who Dalla Chiesa was.

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