Ludogorets, Simundza: “Roma have quality.  Mourinho?  The players go to the field "

Ludogorets, Simundza: “Roma have quality. Mourinho? The players go to the field “

The Bulgarian team coach: “We know the strength of Roma and we want to try to show their weaknesses and our qualities”

Doors Simundza, coach of the Ludogoretsspoke at a press conference on the eve of the debut in Europa League against the Rome. Among the various topics covered, the Slovenian coach also spoke about Mourinho and the quality of its squad.

A great match. You are ready? “The match against Tottenham has nothing to do with tomorrow’s match. Tomorrow we meet a great team with a great name on the bench. We have to think about ourselves, how to stay at the highest level possible. We need courage and confidence to play and try to compete ”.

What kind of match are you expecting tomorrow? “Very competitive, on both sides”.

Will it be a tactical battle between you and Mourinho? “It’s the players who play. The important thing is to be able to respond to their qualities, with great courage and confidence. Tactics can change during the match ”.

How do the players feel? They are ready? “Up to now we haven’t had any problems, they are motivated, everyone wants to play. Let’s see if something happens in training, but they are all fine and ready to play ”.

How difficult will his choices be, given that he has everyone at his disposal? “It’s a pleasure and a privilege, in the last game we rotated a lot. I await the responses of the players, but everyone is ready to play and we will have the opportunity to raise the level during the match, or to change the strategy from offensive to defensive or vice versa, this is what I want from those who enter from the bench ”.

What do you think of the market and its players? “We played games, some players arrived late. I know what players they are, I think they can help Ludogorets now and in the future ”.

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On pressure. “That’s what we want, we put it on to do better and nothing will change tomorrow”.

Roma will be the team with the highest quality tomorrow. “From day one I gave the message that we don’t care who we play against, let’s try to win the game. Roma have a very high quality and play in one of the best leagues in Europe, but it will not change the way of thinking. I don’t know what the match will bring, but we will face it with a winning mentality ”.

Still on the market. “First of all, I’m happy for the players we have, we have reduced injuries. We have two players out but they are working well. The market could have been better or worse, but the players are the ones we wanted and the ones we needed to improve, to raise the level. It can always go better, but we are satisfied because we know how hard we struggled to get the players we wanted ”.

Were you able to watch Roma games and get information about them? “We always do our homework, we know the strength of Roma and we want to try to show their weaknesses and our qualities. It will be tough, Roma are a very competitive team in all games. Their match against Udinese was different, Udinese were lucky at the beginning but then it ended 4-0, in football it happens. As Mourinho said, it is better to lose 4-0 once than 1-0 four times, they have lost three points and he has shown that he wants to compete in every tournament to the full ”.

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