La confessione di Vanessa Incontrada sul "marito mancato"

Vanessa Incontrada, the confession about her missing husband: “We have a very intense relationship”

Vanessa Incontrada is preparing to return to the small screen with many projects: first i TIM Music Awards 2022 at the Verona Arena, then Strip the News alongside Alessandro Siani and again the shows in the theater, the new season of Fosca Innocenti. In short, we can say that it is a rather prolific period for the beautiful presenter who, in the last interview released at Corriere della Seraspoke about her relationship with popularity and in particular about the very special one with a man, which defines her own “Missing husband”.

Vanessa Incontrada, the confession about the “missing husband”

If there is one characteristic that has always belonged to Vanessa Incontrada, it is certainly confidentiality. The presenter has never been the type of big statements or gossip pages and, when it is over, she has always been the “fault” of others. An example of this is the infamous dedicated cover that unleashed one avalanche of criticism and comments on social networks, because of a photo that didn’t do it justice. And, once again, the beautiful Vanessa found herself at the center of the usual discourse on her physical appearance, the extra pounds and that ideal of perfection that we women just can’t shake off.

The same thing happened when rumors started about an alleged crisis with comrade Rossano Laurini, to whom he never wanted to answer openly with official statements. Everyone – even VIPs – can face delicate and more complicated moments than usual and silence is a respectable choice, as well as necessary at times.

This time, however, Vanessa Incontrada has let herself go to a confession that will certainly have struck the public. On the pages of the Courier spoke of a man who defines a “missed husband”. No sentimental relationship sensu stricto, but the wonderful and consolidated relationship with the colleague Claudio Bisiowith whom he shared for years the onstage experience of Zelig: “Yes, my Claudio is really a missed husband. I grew up with him, everything I know I learned from him, we have a very intense relationshipwe have lived months and months of work, an enormous affection binds us. Professionally he has a unique ability to listen – it’s a gift, you don’t learn – he always knows how to be attentive to what one says, that’s where his jokes come from. He is a born improviser ”.

Vanessa Incontrada and the relationship with popularity

In the light of all the projects that Vanessa Incontrada has in the pipeline, of her fame among the public and also of her proverbial confidentiality, it comes to reflect. How does a person do that does not like being too much in the center of attention to reconcile all this and live peacefully? The answer came from the presenter herself, who let herself go to a reflection on popularity and the relationship with it: “It seems a paradox for those who do my job, but by character I don’t try to be the center of attention; even at school, as a young girl, by choice I always put myself last in line. Obviously doing this kind of work you have to have a bit of self-centeredness, but there are different ways of being self-centered“.

“I have chosen a very different life,” he said, explaining how he preferred to continue with his life as always, in a small town to be quiet. There is a time for work and commitments and another to enjoy the family and a dutiful serenity. “You don’t have to be omnipresent”he concluded. Holy words, we add.

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