Mourinho: “We are not on a trip.  I'm disappointed, I won't spare anyone "

Mourinho: “We are not on a trip. I’m disappointed, I won’t spare anyone “

The Giallorossi coach adds: “The goal is to qualify in the group. We are united and convinced that we can bring home the three points.”

There Rome is ready to debut in the new one Europa League 2022/23. The Giallorossi tomorrow in Bulgariawill face the Ludogorets in the first challenge of the group C which he also sees committed Betis and HJK. At 18:10 Josè Mourinho spoke in Press conference to present the European challenge. Beside her was Mile Svilarwho could do his tomorrow debut in official matches with the Giallorossi shirt.


What do you think of this group? What are the favorite teams? “It’s hard to say, some might think of Rome and Betis, but there is maximum respect for Ludogorets and Helsinki. The results were easier to predict a few years ago, now it’s more complicated and that’s why I don’t want to. save the players in view of the championship. We know how important this match is, we respect the opponent but we want to win. “

He spoke of respect for Ludogorets. How do you expect them to play?“Difficult to predict. They are an experienced team in Europe. There are foreign players, Bulgarians, it’s a balanced group. We are not here on a trip. There is room for mistakes, but from experience when you start well then you are able to better manage the group. We will try to qualify in the first two places, we do not want to go back to the Conference. How will Ludogorets play? It will also depend on how we play. We will try to impose our game. We are here to win. “

Roma comes from a clear 4-0 defeat. What will change? A reaction from the players is expected“I expect the match will start 0-0, in Udine we were down after 5 ‘and this makes the difference. In general we are a team that defends very well, so I consider defeat an exception. We are not happy with it but it can happen. My management was calm because I don’t consider it a normal thing. We started the season well but this was a bad defeat. Tomorrow maybe Ludogorets will find a team angry and disappointed. “

How is the team doing in terms of injuries? “I don’t want to talk about it. Who won’t play is because he isn’t able to do it right now.”

Roma will play with the Conference patch. Tomorrow another chapter opens in Europe …“We are in this competition both for the Conference and for the Serie A position. We deserve to stay here. We want to go ahead without setting goals, without saying that we want to reach the final, semi-final or quarter-final. The goal is to qualify in the group. First. there is the first one tomorrow. We are here to respect Ludogorets, but we are here to win. “

“Tomorrow we play with the shirt that has the patch with the symbol of victory in the Conference League on the right arm. I think that gives us a little more motivation and pride. It’s a different competition, completely new. The first game it is never decisive, but it is always important. A team that loses in the first game already starts with a little pressure, the one that wins is in a quieter position in the group. Obviously it is not an easy game. I played there with the team. Tottenham, I know enough to understand that it won’t be easy but we want to win. “

What team are Ludogorets?“It is the team that always wins in Bulgaria. It cannot be compared with the other clubs we have faced: CSKA, I also played with Plovdiv when I was at Tottenham. They are a team with economic power, many foreign players: Brazilians , Argentines, Africans. They have experience in Europe, they also played in the Champions League. It will be difficult. “

How are Roma doing? “If you look at the last result you think it’s a complete disaster, but I don’t interpret it that way. It’s an isolated result, it’s sad but not worrying. We have a lot of injuries and Abraham will also be absent. When to a team with a small number of players. players like ours are missing Zaniolo and Abraham is difficult. We are united and convinced that we can bring home the three points. “

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