To celebrate its first 30 years, the gym gets a makeover and creates a co-working space for personal trainers

To celebrate its first 30 years, the gym gets a makeover and creates a co-working space for personal trainers

New life for the Steven Sporting Club, which on the occasion of its 30th birthday has just inaugurated its new “Low Price Luxury Gym” format. A gym accessible to all, with first-rate services, a new fitness paradigm that is unique in its kind in Rimini and its province. Steven Sporting Club in Rimini is an icon, it has been for many years the gym in Rimini of regeneration, a certainty for those who wanted to practice physical activity at different levels and a training school for some of the best trainers in the area.

Now after the long period of pandemic, the property (which also manages the Garden Sporting Center) has decided to give life to a new course for the historic club, with targeted interventions on the structure, a reorganization of the rooms and a format that will allow everyone to benefit from the excellences made available, a new paradigm of fitness in the city and province, original and unprecedented.

The beating heart of the new Steven will be the lower floor entirely dedicated to the new completely renovated fitness room: 600 square meters with latest generation Technogym cardio and isotonic machines and where qualified instructors are present to assist customers during the activity. All the spaces were organized in synergy with the architects of Technogym, studying a subdivision of the areas and the various machines as functional as possible to the types of training and activities proposed; there are 6 areas where you can best train the different muscle groups and cardio-circulatory activity.

All the isotonic machines of the “pure” line have been placed on the mountain side wall, the new top line for those who want to bulk up and lift big loads, the vanguard of pure fitness. There is also a large space dedicated to free body exercises and different areas to interpret the different approaches of personal training. Upstairs there is a training room where group activities of all kinds will take place throughout the day, from classic fitness courses to the most exclusive ones up to 30-minute high-intensity and strongly training mini courses for those who have little available. time to devote to physical activity; an even richer program than before with innovative proposals suitable for everyone.

Also on the upper floor, users can have two spaces reserved for Personal Training with everything needed for targeted training and followed step by step by a specialized PT with a personalized plan according to the objectives. They are two communicating twin areas, one dedicated to hard fitness to increase muscular and cardiovascular physical performance, the other for maximum definition of the body silhouette. Both are designed to train individually or in small groups, to share high-impact workouts while having fun. And for those who want to relax after training, there is a dedicated wellness area with loungers and a sauna for moments of well-deserved relaxation.

The renovation of the Steven was made possible by an important financial investment and thanks to a group of passionate instructors of the highest technical quality who believed in the project. The prohibitive costs made it difficult for the small Personal Training businesses to survive, so after receiving numerous requests, Steven decided to open spaces for Trainer in difficulty to avoid the loss of their professional skills; a sort of co-working.

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