The Lord of the Rings: all the games coming out in the coming months

The Lord of the Rings: all the games coming out in the coming months

Now that The Rings of Power has arrived on TV, let’s see what video games dedicated to the universe of The Lord of the Rings are coming out in the coming months.

The Lord of the Rings it’s a … brand … No, forgive us. It would tend to be true, but a word as commercial as brand name does not do justice to the literary work of JRR Tolkien which has influenced our imagination for decades and which continues to enchant generations after generations of readers, and viewers, now that, twenty years after the first Peter Jackson trilogy, we are back in a film version of Middle-earth with The Rings of Power. The series on Amazon Prime Video – of which you can read our review of the first two episodes – broke the records of views on the Jeff Bezos platform and, with its multimillion budget, enchanted millions of viewers, but also raised enormous controversy. as often happens in these tormented and divisive years.

In our industry The Lord of the Rings is an evergreen. Video games inspired by Tolkien’s imagery come out on a more or less regular basis, and sometimes they hit the mark, sometimes they don’t. The arrival on TV of The Rings of Power, however, has aroused the interest of most in the videogame adaptations, so we have taken stock of all the Lord of the Rings games that will arrive in the coming months on our real and virtual shelves. They are not many, but at least they guarantee a certain variety.

It obviously starts with …

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, a scene from the game

Announced in 2019 to release in 2021, then postponed to 2022, then set for a September launch window, the title developed by Daedalic Entertainment (those of Deponia) has been postponed to a later date in all its versions: being a multi-platform production, in fact, it should have also been released for Nintendo Switch in November, but now the new date is absolutely vague.

In the press release released via social media on July 25, we read the usual thanks to the fans but no explanation regarding the reasons for the postponement: only the commitment, by the development team, to return the “best possible experience”.

The fact is that the trailer for The Lord of the Rings: Gollum shown in early July did not meet the consensus they hoped for in Daedalic and, indeed, raised a lot of criticism and perplexity towards an outdated graphics engine – given that the game will also be released. on last generation consoles – and apparently obsolete gameplay, mainly focused on stealth and exploration. In one word, Gollum it seems like a title … boring. Now we need to understand how Daedalic will retouch the game, which should tell the misadventures of Sméagol before, during and after his fateful encounter with the One Ring.

In the trailer you certainly don’t see Gollum fighting, nor can you understand how the German developer has implemented the dynamic promise of the split personality which, according to him, would allow us to face certain circumstances in a different way, choosing to communicate as Gollum or as Sméagol. The potential is there, but will Daedalic rise to the challenge?

The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-Earth

The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-Earth, a scene from the trailer

The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-Earth, a scene from the trailer

Needless to say, the company could not miss with an eye to the increasingly thriving mobile market, in this case Electronic Artswhich last May announced a collaboration with Middle-Earth Enterprises, the company that owns much of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

Already available in some countries and soon all over the world, The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-Earth is a free-to-play collectible character role-playing game that allows us to face some of the most iconic battles of Tolkenian mythology, but not only, forming a personalized band with the heroes we have unlocked, a bit like it happens in many other mobile titles that draw heavily from anime and comics, and that we can enhance with the accumulated currencies. If you are hungry for Tolkenian fanservice and you can come to terms with the edgy cartoonish style, this app could be a nice harp, but predatory dynamics are always around the corner …

The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria

The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria, a scene from the trailer

The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria, a scene from the trailer

Announced during the Epic Games Summer Showcase, the new title of the independent company Free Range Games, it will be an adventure survival procedural multiplayer: each game will be different from the others, and it will be possible to form teams of up to eight Dwarves, summoned in the presence of Gimli himself in an era more or less after the destruction of the One Ring.

Our aim will be to explore the mines of Moria deeper and deeper, looking for precious materials and resources with which to craft new weapons, armor and accessories. A cross between Spelunky, Minecraft and Don’t Starve, the game offers multiple interlocking dynamics: not only will you need to procure the raw material to survive, but also micromanage it while trying to avoid Orcs and Goblins as much as possible, until it is inevitable to switch to the hard way to get rid of them.

Return to Moria is expected to arrive on PC around spring 2023. Free Range Games he is not a well-known or important developer, but he seems to have studied a combination of genres that is anything but trivial that could intelligently exploit one of the most iconic, mysterious and fascinating settings of the Tolkenian imaginary.

The Wētā Workshop game

The announcement of the collaboration between Wētā Workshop and Private Division

The announcement of the collaboration between Wētā Workshop and Private Division

If you have a smattering of The Lord of the Rings cinematic, then you will remember that Wētā Workshop is the studio that worked on the special visual effects of the Peter Jackson trilogy, the prequel The Hobbit released a few years later and the recent The Rings of Power series. Well Wētā Workshop in 2014 founded a department that deals with video games. Now, thanks to their familiarity with the Tolkenian imaginary, those of Wētā Workshop would be working on behalf of the publisher Private Division, the independent label of Take-Two.

We actually know absolutely nothing about this new title and can only refer to the words of Amie Wolken who, at the head of the project, said: “It is a huge privilege to work on a new game set in Middle-earth, especially since it is very different from any other fans have played before.”

Wētā Workshop also created the special effects for The Rings of Power

Wētā Workshop also created the special effects for The Rings of Power

A sobering statement, since between RPGs, strategy games, MMOs, third-person adventures, action titles and more, over the years we have already seen a bit of everything. It seems that Take-Two is aiming for 2024 as its release year, so we may begin to see something more concrete as early as the next few months.

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