Disney Dreamlight Valley, a review of an ever-changing Disney world

Disney Dreamlight Valley, a review of an ever-changing Disney world

The review of Disney Dreamlight Valley, a game a bit Animal Crossing, a bit sandbox, but with all the magic of the Disney Kingdoms.

Not even a month ago we tried Disney Dreamlight Valley on PC, and then tell you about our experience. It was a first immersion in a world completely based on contexts, characters and situations in Disney sauce and – it goes without saying – even for this alone already perfectly promising. But now here we are: on September 6, 2022 Disney Dreamlight Valley can be purchased practically anywhere, from smartphones to PCs, on PlayStation 5 as on Nintendo Switch, passing of course through Microsoft consoles.

There Disney Dreamlight Valley review does not aim to tell you everything you can find in the latest Gameloft production and this not only because we are talking, in itself, of a title in continuous evolution, but also and above all because it is an early access video game. This means that yes, you can play it now without problems, but it will only be completed in 2023.

Let’s find out, though, what Mickey, Merlin, Wreck-It-Ralph and the remaining members of the Disney gang have in store for the moment for all the newcomers.

Living in Disneyland (or almost)

In Disney Dreamlight Valley there is Wall-E, and for us it already earns points like that

Disney Dreamlight Valley ranks halfway between the life simulator and the sandbox, genres held together by a satisfying and also quite long-lived main adventure. The context wants to immediately immerse players in a sort of Disneyland-style fantasy world, where they can start a new life in the company of well-known (and even lesser-known) characters from the House of Mickey Mouse. This is the basic philosophy, mind you: if the structural elements do not interest you, then this is not the title for you. In Disney Dreamlight Valley you will live in a world where Mickey Mouse as well as Merlin, Remi from Ratatouille and Ursula from The Little Mermaid meet regularly and seamlessly, all in harmony and without (too many) major problems. In short, almost like living in Disneyland: even there the animators disguise themselves as the famous characters of the various intellectual properties.

What does it therefore consist of, from the point of view closely related to gameplay, the main offer? In a daily routine (but time does not flow hand in hand with that of the real world, as in Animal Crossing: New Horizons) that sees the player grappling with small daily problems: looking after their own garden, finding resources in the neighborhood, expanding and beautify the main house. With all the possibilities of the case, ranging from the pickaxe to extract minerals to the fishing rod given to us by Goofy, from the crops that can be resold at Scrooge’s shop to the main and secondary missions necessary to continue within the “plot”. At first the Disney Dreamlight Valley village will be practically uninhabited, but slowly all the characters currently planned will return, a considerable number of which will probably also be added in the coming months, given that Gameloft has conceived the production as long-term project.

The progression

The objects present in Disney Dreamlight Valley are really many, and it will take time to unlock them all

The objects present in Disney Dreamlight Valley are really many, and it will take time to unlock them all

There progression Disney Dreamlight Valley is based on the main missions assigned by Merlin (general guide of the magical world with a Disney theme) and on the secondary ones of the other characters present; the first you will meet will be Mickey, Goofy and Scrooge; then there will also be other areas specifically dedicated to Pixar films. Any smallest action, however, is never an end in itself or useless, because it is counted in the long-term objectives and guarantee, upon completion, a certain number of magic points, the same ones that govern the unlocking of new areas in the map. principal. In short, the more actions you perform, and the more characters you help each other, the faster we will unlock the other areas and the missing Disney heroes (or enemies). Apart from these small tasks, Disney Dreamlight Valley remains an experience that never really wants to impose anything on the player, leaving him free to find his own pace and to live his own personal adventures, in complete calm.

Both the protagonist and the secondary characters can then to level up, with considerable advantages. First of all in terms of collections, because new levels also mean new items of clothing, furnishings and goodies of various kinds. Even only from the point of view of collecting, Disney Dreamlight Valley aims to entertain you for hours and hours. Non-player characters, on the other hand, once leveled up offer a series of bonuses, such as more resources for certain activities, more money in case of sale, and so on. Nothing really fundamental, mind you, don’t panic when you have to choose: this is not a production to live with performance anxiety, quite the opposite.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is constantly evolving

Disney Dreamlight Valley is constantly evolving

From the content point of view the work done so far has seemed truly remarkable, and if we think that we are still only in the early access phase, within a year of Disney Dreamlight Valley, between new worlds and identical characters, or simply with the addition of new cosmetics, it could become something mammoth; however, not even from a technical point of view there is really something to complain about: you pass the not very memorable (but still suitable) soundtrack, the general glance and the level of detail on PC seemed remarkable to us, even on a simple ” portable”.

In this regard, we must also specify that the publisher has also provided us with a code for the Ultimate Edition of Disney Dreamlight Valley, which includes a whole series of cosmetic bonuses (fifteen decorative items, royal clothing, and in addition also all the aesthetic elements of the standard and deluxe editions, already conspicuous), in addition to 20,000 moonstones which – as in-game currency – in turn allow you to get your hands on a considerable number of useful items. But even here: what is the point of proceeding in a hurry in an adventure entirely based on the search for one’s own rhythms?


Tested version Windows PC

Digital Delivery

Steam, Epic Games Store, PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, Nintendo eShop

€ 29.99

At the time of writing, although in the early access phase, Disney Dreamlight Valley is already a complete product, full of content, full of missions, full of Disney characters; It is difficult to predict how much and how it will be supported in the future, but – if properly curated by the developers – it could really reconfirm itself as the definitive Disney life simulator. On the gameplay side, moreover, it does nothing but draw heavily from productions already fully appreciated by the public (above all the excellent Animal Crossing), adding a very personal style, precisely Disney, in addition to the various characters of the case. The articulation in different worlds (which, however, they must increase) and the presence of an original and fairly long-lived plot do nothing but further enrich the whole. For now, therefore, a promotion with flying colors. We repeat what we have already observed in the tried: these are video games that can change face from one day to the next and we will keep an eye on it, to evaluate, in a few months, its further evolution … or possible involution. For now it is right to give it a chance.


  • A great life simulator
  • Love for the Disney world in every aspect
  • A lot, a lot of potential


  • Depth not at the levels of Animal Crossing and related
  • Sometimes trivial side missions
  • It will need constant support: will it come?

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