Ferrari Purosangue debutto ufficiale

The first Ferrari SUV is coming: when we will see it

There is great excitement around Ferrari’s very first SUV, and how could it be otherwise? In fact, the House of the Prancing Horse has been known for decades for completely different cars compared to the so-called “high-wheeled” models that are so fashionable today, the most popular on the market.

Yet even Ferrari somehow follows the market trend, and has been communicating for some time the launch of its first SUV, called – as we now know – Purosangue. The presentation date is now official, let’s see everything there is to know about it.

When will the Ferrari Purosangue be presented

The official date is Tuesday 13 September, there is only a week left and we will finally be able to see what the new and first SUV from the Maranello company looks like. It will certainly be amazing, like any Ferrari car, although it will be very different from the well-known powerful supercars that we are used to seeing coming off the production lines of the most famous and beloved Prancing Horse in the world. It was not easy to understand the actual date of the official presentation of the Ferrari SUV, in fact the House has created and published a teaser of the headlights of the highly anticipated first SUV, specially created for the announcement: only by illuminating it it is possible to see the words ’13th september 2022 Ferrari Purosangue’.

Ferrari Purosangue: what we know about the first SUV

The new preview image shown by the House does not let us see much in reality, practically only the headlights are noticed. In recent weeks, however, as we also reported, there have been numerous sightings of the model: we had captured some interesting spy photos. For this reason, we already know how the first Maranello SUV could be: certainly its appearance will be very sporty, and it could not be otherwise for a car that leaves the Maranello production lines; in fact, it is also possible to see some similarities with other models of the Italian brand. Some experts have already stated that the front of Ferrari’s new SUV will most likely be similar to that of the marvelous SF90 (430,000 euro car) while the rear will resemble that of the Ferrari 296. As for the interior, it is still shrouded in mystery: we are waiting to discover the interior, and they will be a great surprise.

But what do we know about the engines, power and performance of the new SUV? First of all it is certain that the car will mount the renowned and award-winning V12 of the Prancing Horse House. Nothing is known about the power yet, but some rumors speak of higher performance than the 812 Superfastand it is also likely that even one will arrive rechargeable hybrid version, but it is still all to be confirmed, now it is enough to wait a few days to know for sure. In fact, on 13 September we will know all the official technical data communicated directly by Ferrari.

After the official presentation next week, the SUV from Maranello will go into production. And finally it will finally be launched on the market, most likely early 2023, so in reality very little is missing – or at least – is what the CEO Benedetto Vigna has assured. This means that for the moment everything is proceeding according to Ferrari’s plans and forecasts, and therefore also the date of the official presentation and the launch will be as planned, if everything continues to go well as up to now.

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